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Meet The Artist PuraVidaChef

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9 months ago
Topics: WAX, Nft artist, NFT, Twitter, Journey, ...

Right this one is a pleasure to write I actually meet this artist through another artists telegram channel @SillyPsyBen thanks mate you have helped meet some great artist but this article was in the work for a while and this guy is a really chief by the way we have worked on a little treat for you guys so please don't forget to drop your wax address in the comments so lets meet him

What's your name ?


Where you from ?

born and raised in the states but my blood is costa Rican

What is your twitter account as I will link in the article ?

Well worth the follow !!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have your own telegram channel is so can you drop your link ?

Of course

Do you have a discord channel or a website?

I bought just in case also to give me pressure to do something

Is it open to the public ?

I need more content

Ah ok

Is creating NFT's your full time job ? If not what is ?

I'm a chef.. and luckily i still work a lot of my fellow chefs are having a hard time I cook for a private firm 150 people a day it use to be 250 but we all know what happened we make the menu up every week..

So either your a really good cook or they cant find someone else lol

well when people ask to take food home for the family u know your doing something right

Well that's always a good sign so what's your most popular dish ? So your plan is to merge your work with NFT world ?

we got a chili sin carne that gets people every time its tofu but they don't believe it !!! its a beautiful feeling... they nurture their families with food I make have come across a lot of people in the real life with distance from the kitchen or the food they eat or they just don't have a handle on getting around in the kitchen the NFT was something I enjoyed for what it was and I wanted to help create a project to make it more applicable in the real world that's how it all came to be I am sure a lot of people out there can learn a thing or to about cooking.... and I'm very open to be taught about food out of my reach... this is a global community we teach each other

Totally agree my girlfriend find recipes on Instagram and tik.tok

Everyone should have a basic understanding of the food they eat... we are use to just opening up a bag and throwing it into a microwave... I know this community is heavily in the fringe of things.. and I believe there should be healthy eating here too...

pioneers need food too

I think people rely on processed food way to much and a meal cooked from scratch takes the same amount of time

I believe awareness is the first step... my loved ones will eat chicken but not want to watch me take it apart... which i thinks leads us to a deeper conversation we are detached from our food on a massive level

I am always left to strip the chicken myself lol

My understanding is old tradition like the bribri in costa Rica would thank the animal before taking it we have factory farming..... and the futureits meat grown in a lab there is nothing wrong with eating meat.. but how much we eat is out of control... so I want to help people see what they are making, eating maybe even give them joy to go make something....

I think home cooked meals are what's missing from people diets and meat from a lab does nor appeal to me

exactly... we are talking about the roots of culture... and what is of our past when we eat lab meat this is a heavy deep subject that I want to lightly guide people to look into their roots and think what is the food of my people and why maybe they will share it with us and we make a NFT cook book

one recipe at a time

And how often would you like to drop a NFT recipe and to be honest it really is limitless

Well the actual making of the NFT is tough... i need to make sure the measurements are right... I cook it.. make the gif and work it all together.... I also making a YouTube video for every NFT I make.. so if there is any trouble or direction needed there is helping hand.. id rather say they will be dropped when they are ready also depends on complexity I'm working on some that well.. I need to let the meat pickle for 6 days just as an idea I do have a second series its more about a specific ingredient or thing... its not always about the mix of things...

Ah so you covering all areas of the cooking area

well like u said yourself... its endless.. but I'm just one guy I do have my hands full. I would like to make a series of kitchen skills how to use a knife... for example

That sounds interesting people would enjoy that there is so many things you can teach people

I would also like to have it be guided by the community they tell me what they want to see and ill work on getting them that.. maybe a sushi series or a bread endless just got to get some idea of what everyone wants to see

That's why you have to be very active in the community because they will tell you what they want

I had in mind to do giveaways to who ever makes the best looking recipes of the NFT's.... ill make what ever they want as the next set of NFT's coming out yes the community def makes themselves heard

And where would you run the competitions ?

That's what I really like about this community the artists and fans feed off each other well for now id say where ever they can hashtag it

I'm still learning the tech side of things so patience would be appreciated

Do you have any crypto currency ? If so what you ?

Well that's how I found NFT from the start.. I got into bitcoin and that got me going....playing with alt coins now but its such a complex game

Well what would be the biggest coin you hold

dogecoin lol

Oh god really lol

Have you always been artistic ?

Yeah its in the blood father is artist and brother is director uncle is photographer... id say its more about we need to express ourselves one way or another

I wish I was more artistic my girlfriend makes up for it

but id also say everyone is an artist we just get told otherwise

How long have you been designing NFT?

Started this year... the street fighter cards got me then I just wanted to say I made on and then here we are I got some important feed back by some great artists and it helped me find direction you might know him stocci he did a lot for me

I did have one very first one I think it was a baby I think

that's wasn't the first one bitcoinup that was the first one

And stocci lovely guy I met him through yourself and I only interviewed him last week

baby crypto was just to symbolize a new age

What's your favorite NFT you have designed ? Can I have a pic of it ?

The first one it has a lot of meaning to me I have that as a tattoo... I was given an extra chance with my life... to do something more

Really well at least your not wasting it

Who is your favorite NFT designer ? Why ?

I'm really liking 0x0.production the color way is eye candy but before I go my dude... shout out to 1rabbithole1.... worth checking them out oh and I hope everyone enjoys what we worked up for them

I have seen the name 1rabbithole1 they will don't worry

It was a lot of fun getting to work on someone else idea

I think you will be working with at a lot more people and there ideas

How many collections or cards would you like to make and would you like to get famous chiefs involved ?

You know I thought about that and of course it would be great to get big people involved but I want to hear the voice of the community I'm curious to see what they want

Well maybe we will ask them on here

And on the side project would you Collab with other artists ?

keep out for what's coming..... I'm already busy

Ok lol

What your favorite software for designing NFT ?

I'm using procreate and imovie for the I said I'm noob to this

We all start somewhere the great thing is the community is always there to help

Yeah I have made some cool connections... I'm very impressed and surprised by the community...its a wonderful think

Yea the support of the artists and the fans are brilliant there is so many artist I chat regularly

It gives me the same vibes as when I'm in a hostel

I only ever stayed in a hostel as a kid when I was in the scouts 😂😂😂

What advice do you have for people trying to get into NFT ?

Research and ask... u got nothing to lose Oh and its 2021...use google

What's your most valuable NFT you have ? Can i have a picture ?

Its some horror of hip-hop or something like that I'm sorry ... a gold run DMCIts staked so I cant take a pic . Last I saw it was like 80 bucks

Monster of rap

What hobbies do you have ?

Id say kitchensink is my hobby I'm enjoy the people I'm meeting and well I'm evening getting an interview out of this.... very cool

Glad you are enjoying this

So would you say kitchensink is what you do for fun as well

For sure... I'm able to add depth to something I already do No... I live to enjoy life it just so happens to be in the kitchen at times Other times its on the beach Or with family

Where can we find your cards for sale ?


Gallery for Round Table Group Drops

Will there be free drop ?

Of course we have something special lined up that you and me worked on

I am going to be posting this on do you use it ?

I learned about from u its cool... and id say thanks for taking some time for me... I appreciate it

Is there anything you want to add IL happy put it in

Pura vida✌

Right guys please show this legend some love and please follow him on twitter and join his channel on Telegram . We worked on something special for you guys I am so proud to be a part of one of his first recipe NFT's and this even includes my series picture in the corner . But a massive thanks to him for taking so much of your time chatting to me last night to get this done

If you are enjoying reading this give it an upvote or even give me a follow and don't forget to drop your wax address below for a limited NFT .

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Written by   503
9 months ago
Topics: WAX, Nft artist, NFT, Twitter, Journey, ...
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Im want eat right now

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Drop ur wax address

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Got hungry from all this great reading! :D


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Welcome humble

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I should be eating while reading this


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Thanks man!

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No probs

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oh so he's the one behind those NFTs, thanks for featuring him


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Sent u there

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This damn article made me hungry!

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Wait til you see the nft

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9 months ago

Share some foodie 😁 Nice interview, I enjoy reading and he really likes being a chef.

Hope I can get some of his NFT. Thanks.


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9 months ago


Thanks. Yeah, got one of his NFT, and I'd say that his approach is quite new to me, which is cool I think.

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9 months ago

Love the interview, you both seem to have a good time. 😊 13tr.wam

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Share some food man!

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Food lovers will love this.. I hope i can get one 😁 .axr.wam

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Il be sending them out l8r

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