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Meet the artist Molly Studio

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9 months ago
Topics: WAX, NFTs, Nft artist

Hi I came across his work on Twitter and decided to reach out and he was to happy to answer my question so lets jump in and learn more about him so enjoy

How you today ?

Fine & you ? 😊


So where you from in France ?

I come from Besancon (East of France), now I’m living in Belfort (always in the east of France) for studies

Oh right so close to German border ?

That’s right, the border it’s like 40minutes from my home 😊

Cool so what you studying ?

I'm studying a digital marketing master degree in a Business School. My program consist to work 3 days at school, and then 7 days in a company.

Cool so it must help with the NFT's sells?

Hmm yes of course ! Especially for the way I manage my socials networks and the way that I communicate on them !

So what's your name ?

My name is Jeremy Aybram ! I'm 25 years old πŸ™‚

Do you have a Twitter account for NFT promotion ?

Of course

Do you have a Telegram channel ?

Oh do you have a website ?

Not for the moment ! I'm just communicating on my twitter & telegram. But I planned to create a website for IKIMONO World πŸ™‚

Where can we learn more about your IKIMONO World ?

So where did the name molly studios come from ?

I choose the ID salutcestmolly in reference to an electro group (Salut c'est cool) that I like listening when I do party with my friends. Molly was my Xbox ID when I was younger, that's why I decided to keep it. And to finish, I decided to add "Studios" at the end of my NFT artist name because I like to listening music when creating NFTs, I like to be in my "bubble" to create and that make me feel I'm in a little studio, that's why I choose that. πŸ™‚

So what kind of music would you listen to when you are creating your NFT's ?

I like all styles of music, depending my mood, I can listening French Hip-Hop, USA Hip-Hop and electro music. Sometimes, I also listening chill songs or a mix of all, I'm very curious, so that's why I'm always looking for new songs, new styles, some music's are very inspiring and can influence my work, and I love that !

I dnt really know many French hip hop stars i do remember dj bartez and Gigi D'Agostino lol

Haha it's more electro than hip hop ! But it's pretty cool too ! We have a lot of talented musician artists in France πŸ™‚

Yea I would more into my European electro

You like electro ? πŸ™‚

Yea I grew up listen to scooter and the prodigy ha ha

Prodigy is sooooo nice !

Yea love them reminds of my youth so how long you been designing nfts ?

Since 1 month only ! I always loved design & art, before I discover NFTs, I was creating collages just for fun. Since one of my friend talk

Since one of my friend told me about NFTs, I decided to create some ! And I started to practice and create 3D NFTs πŸ™‚

I have meet a good few friend artist seems to be quite big there so do you and him share the telegram channel ?

I'm sharing the MOLLYNATION telegram channel with my friend q_gvrt, the creator of the Marbled Cryptos collection πŸ™‚ At the start, we had one telegram group each, but we decided to join them to create only one channel to have a bigger community and give various & exclusive content to the Molly nation πŸ™‚

We will also post the NFTs of our friend HATOMIC_, who just begin in the NFTs world, we're IRL friends, so it's cool to live this experience together πŸ™‚

I was chatting to q_grt when I was looking for he was telling he has new set coming out . I think its great that your friends in IRL and in NFT world it must help to build a community up

Yes of course ! And we have the same vision of NFTs, we love art & high-tech, NFTs is a pretty good way to mix all of that and have fun !

So would you say you have always been artistic ?

We can say that yes ! I'd always love all things close to design & creations. When I was younger, I was started to design clothes and creat my own clothes brand, but I didn't have enough time and money to be more focused on it, that's why I abandoned the project. now it's different, I almost finish my studies and I have more time to be focused on my personal projects

Brilliant do you still have any designs of the clothes you wanted to make and would you but your NFT's on t-shirts or a hoodie

One day maybe ! Who knows 😏... But actually it's not a priority πŸ™‚

So what's the priority at the moment ?

At the moment, my priority is my IKIMONO World collection, I have a real project around her and I'm 200% focus on it !

So you have a drop today how do you hope that goes ?

Today is my first legendary card drop ! Only 10 supplies will be available, and to be honest, I hope she will be sold-out haha. This would mean that people like her and will represent a good support for me πŸ™‚

So I am guessing your a zombie fan ?

Yes haha ! Zombies Perks is my second collection, much smaller than the IKIMONO World one. Effectively, I'm a CoD Zombies fan, I played so much hours on this game mode since CoD : World at War. And today I'm still playing it with friends

Same as myself lol love a few games of CoD zombies or multiplayer .

Oh really ? Awesome haha ! What is your favorite map ? πŸ™‚

Oh wow playing Cod since MW2 and skidrow still one of my favorite map and zombies kino der toten what about you

Kino is one of my favorite too ! And I think it's same for a lot of people !

So do you have many NFT's lined up for the zombie collection ?

I will drop every zombie perks who existing, I made only 4 of them, and I will continue until the last ones :). I didn't have a planning for this collection, when I have time and when I want to create one, I did it and drop it.

You should to a mysteries box NFT like in the game have 3 or 4 flashing guns ?

yes I though about develop the collection with other zombies things ! The mystery box is a really good idea ! I will think about that πŸ™‚ thank you man ☺️

No problem so how collections or sets would you like to create and do you have many in mind ?

Like I told you before, I'm only focus on IKIMONO World and Zombies perks for the moment. I have a lot of projects for each of them. I don't have a lot of time to create NFT's, I have work, school... and it take me a lot of time ! I prefer focus my work on my two collections and make them exactly like I want. I also want to work with my friends on the development of the upcoming seasons of IKIMONO World to make it better. That will allow us to give bigger content, activity and interactivity to NFTs collectors

So how long does it take from thought to creation of your NFT's ?

It depends ! For IKIMONO World, I spend a lot of time to design the creature, then I create the card design and after that I mix them to create the final version. When the card is done I need to do the render et then reduce the size file, upload it on the blockchain and prepare the drop... So I will say maybe 3 hours for the whole thing.

About Zombies perks, I'm choosing which perks I want to create, then I'm going to After Effect and do my thing by improvising. Juggernaut take me like 4 hours, and stamina-up only 1 hour, so yes, it's never the same πŸ™‚

So it just varies on how complex they are ?

We can say that yes ! And how inspiring am I

So what programs you using for making them ?

I'm using Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects πŸ™‚

And I planned to learn how to use Blender in the future

So would be open to Collab's with other artists or have you done some already ?

I already did one Collab last week with Marbled Cryptos, I did a card, he did a marble, and people who bought them could blend them to have a Molly Marble :). And if one day someone ask me for a Collab, of course I would be open ! That's a part of NFT world ! Collab's, mutual aid, promotion... The NFT community is the best I saw in my life, so if I can help artists or be helped by artists, that's gonna be a real pleasure πŸ™‚

Yea total its agree you can put a question up and people will always try and help

So who is favorite artist at the moment ?

Yes, that's awesome how good is this community ! And I hope that will continue even if more and more people are interesting by NFTs.

At the moment, I love the work of Aeforia ! His work is just awesome, this is real sh*t art ! So good to look his art and he's French speaking so it's pretty cool haha

Do you have any of his NFT's ?

No man ... it's too expensive haha, I already try to buy one of his NFTs on drawing, but I wasn't drawn πŸ˜…

Are you whitelisted on Atomichub ?

Of course and I am just started to do the necessary to be listed on Tokenhead

So what would be your favorite you own?

I love his Five fears collection, composed of 5 NFTs, whatever which one, they're all awesome. The colors, the sounds... It's so relaxing and so qualitative

So what NFT are you most proud of that you created and we have a picture ?

The one I'm the most proud for the moment is my Jugger-nog, from zombies perks. Simply because it was my first NFT. I spend a lot of time on it because I learned how to use After Effect on this NFT

Can you show us a pic ?

of course πŸ™‚ !

Love it

Thank you man. ! Appreciate πŸ™‚

It makes me want to game lol

hahaha me too ! 🀣

So what advice do you have for newbies get in to NFT world ?

I will tell them to be themselves, don't create NFTs just for money, but because art is a sharing thing. Do what you want, what you like. Be curious, do not hesitate to ask advices the others artists, because the community is just awesome, there is so much good persons in the NFT world which can teach you things, make you discovers others artists and forms of art ! And to finish, believe in cryptocurrencies haha ! This is the future, and NFT world is a good proof of it πŸ™‚

So do you have any other crypto currency ?

Yes ! I love trading, so I have few others cryptos than WAX πŸ™‚

What would the biggest crypto you hold?

Bitcoin of course πŸ˜‰ But I also have some altcoins, I like to trade them

I mostly have altcoins

Cool ! It's so good to see them growth

Oh yea defiently keeps me happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where can we buy your cards ?

On Atomichub only ! πŸ™‚

Is it gas fees that keep you from expanding to other sites ?

Mostly yes ! And also that WAX is good for begin, because I don't want to sell my cards for expensive amount. On WAX, every people can by everything, it's more user-friendly πŸ™‚

You should check out juungle its on the bch blockchain very cheap to mint and its quite new ?

I've never heard about it before, I will check ! Thank you πŸ™‚

No problem

What hobbies do you have not including NFT creation ?

Video games, Soccer, Basketball, Trading, Movies, Music ... I love so much things ! πŸ˜…

So what football team you support ?

I always love football since I was child, and my first football jersey was a Real Madrid Zidane jersey, which is my favorite player of all time. So my favorite team is Real Madrid, even if I'm not Spanish πŸ˜…there were always good French players in that team

Well I am Liverpool for my sins lol

I like them too ! But we will beat on during the UCL final 8 😎

So who would you like me to interview next if you had a choice ?

That must be an NFT artist ?

Of course 🀣🀣🀣

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ok ! I would interview my friends q_gvrt and HATOMIC_ , first to give them support, and second because they have their own styles and have a lot to bring to the NFT world πŸ™‚

I am going to interview q_gvrt just before his set drops

Oh cool ! You'll like him πŸ™‚

Hope so !!!!!!!!

I have to say your English is great

Oh really ? Thank haha, good to heard that from a native English speaker πŸ™‚

Yea so you excited for release tonight !!!!

Yes ! I will play video games w/ friends for waiting haha . But it will come fast, less than 2 hours πŸ™‚ I (re)start to play Battlefield 4, I forgot how good was this game

So any chance for a few NFT's for the readers ?

Haha why not ! I can give some of my Speed Cola copies, some are still available πŸ™‚

Organize a Giveaway with your readers, and i'll send you 2 copies to win πŸ™‚

Great so this will be going up on do you use or know it ?

Nope !

Oh right I will link it to you . So anything you would like to add ?

Hmmm yeah ! I want to thank you for interviewing me, I read some of your previous interviews and I like the way you promote young artists, you contribute to the improvement of NFT world and it's really good to have people like you guys ! You deserve more and more notoriety and I wish you all the best for you upcoming projects ! Thank you so much πŸ™‚

And it will be a real pleasure for me to work with you again ! 😌

Just a quick update his NFT sale this happened last night and sold out in 7 minutes but the number 1 mint is up for auction view it here

Guess please show him some love and Don't forget to follow him on Twitter or jump into his Telegram channel

Don't forget to enter the competition and til next time enjoy

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Written by Β Β 503
9 months ago
Topics: WAX, NFTs, Nft artist
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