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Meet the Artist Creek

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9 months ago
Topics: NFT, Nft artist, WAX

So I have heard his name pop up in a few of my articles so I had to go check him out and thankful he was happily to chat to me so lets meet the artist

So what's your name ?


So welcome Thanks for letting me chat to you I know you had a new NFT drop today ? How did your drop go ?

No problem it Sold out in 4 seconds.


Where are you from ?

East Coast of America . Where you From ?


Beautiful country. Never been, but I have coffee table books of photography. I’m also like fourth generation Irish as well.

Lol every American is some what Irish .

So how you doing this evening after your drop selling out ?

I’m still kind of shocked. I knew they would probably be popular, but honestly did not expect that level of response.

I have to say they are really cute . Well to be honest cryptoshark told me to check you out

Hah! They were fantastic to work with. They pulled off a great April Fools drop with literally a days notice.

I know there was a few going around I did hear rumors' of Funko investing in token heads

Yeah, I’m thinking that might have been legit, but still unsure. Business Insider reported it, but it could have been more April Fools shenanigans.

It would be nice as i did use to collect pop Funkos and your latest NFT would make a great one

Yeah, assuming they are coming, will be huge for WAX.

Oh yeah but wax has already in a month has had massive growth

It has. They’re making all the right moves for the collectibles market.

Yea are you listed on token head ?

Not at the moment.

Would you like to be ?

It would be great if they considered adding Crypto Moonies to their lineup.

You should approach them .

I have. They recently started charging to get added to the list, and I wanted to wait to ensure Crypto Moonies were going to have a successful launch before I attempted to reach out again.

So What's your Twitter account ?

People can find me on Twitter @CreekDrops

Do you have a website where can keep update of you ?

Of course

So do you have a telegram channel ?

I have a Telegram group, but I’m currently keeping that reserved for fans of the project.

Follow me on Twitter. The link is available somewhere, but you have to go digging. 😉

Awh like a Easter egg hunt lol !!!!!!!!!!


I do try to include all artists outlets so twitter telegram discord or even there websites I like to hope that my articles bring in new fans to the artists

How many set/collections you have made ? And how many would you like to make?

I have two collections currently. creekdrops21 and cryptomoonie.

And can I ask where your design for your NFT's coming from ?

They are original designs that I sketched up myself.



What made you get into NFT design or is it part of your daily life ?

I’m a graphic designer and marketer by trade, and I’ve been in Crypto for over a decade. It felt like a good fit that provided me a way to do creative work that I could monetize.

Awh I get you I have noticed a lot graphic designers in NFT world

My dad was a graphic designer by trade I have worked in the print trade when I P was younger

Yeah, it is a great industry to be in. I think that NFTs provide designers a way to get their design reps in while also earning a small amount if their work stands out.

Yea I am loving the community side of the NFT world and I am hoping my meet the artist series helps introduce people to more artists

Good luck to you. I think you have a very interesting project going on over here.

I am glad to here that 😊😊😊😊

So have you always artistic ?

For the most part. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, and have been doing design for over fifteen years. I started experimenting with 3D modeling about three years ago, and kind of fell in love with it.

Hoow long you creating NFT's?

I started in February of this year (2021).

Have you done many collabs? and are you open to them ? And who would you love to work with ?

I have only done the one with CryptoSharks. I’m in early talks with a few creators, but I’m not ready to share that here just yet. Let’s just say I am definitely open to more collabs.

Ok thats good

Can even drop a tiny hint !!!!

I might be working on something a little scarier than my usual work soon.

Oh might I interviewed them



So what other crypto you holding and do you hodl ?

I currently hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, ADA, Dot, Nano, and a number of others, including WAXP.

Awh like myself a bit of everything .

So what is your go to programs for creating NFT ?

Blender, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

What advice do you have for noobs trying to get into the NFT design ?

Prepare to work your ass off if you want to stand out, and come up with a plan and stick to it. It helps if you also have a general since of marketing as well. Creating art is just the first step. You have to know how to sell it. You need to make friends in the scene and cannot be shy about asking them for advice.

Total agree but I believe the community is there to help

Absolutely. The thing about NFTs is that it is mutually beneficial for everyone if an artist succeeds at what they are trying to do.


So who is your favorite artists ?

That’s like trying to ask me what my favorite color is. LOL!

I will say that I have incredible respect and adoration for Beeple, and what he was able to do for the digital art movement.

Hmmmm .......

Your not the first person to mention him so can you show me your favorite NFT you own ?

I don’t have an extensive collection yet, but I’m a big fan of an up-and-comer, @CryptoFlash10. I’ve bought a few of their pieces.

Yea so what would be your most expensive nft you own ?

Probably something I made. LOL! But the one I spent the most money on is a Hallows card I got off the secondary market, simply because I like Star Wars.

Oh one of skiall which one he has dropped so many good ones

That is a nice one

Thanks. I thought it was pretty cool too.

So do you have any ideas for your next NFT you will create ?

I do. I’ll be finishing up crypto Moonies #002 Captain Gwei and releasing her next Friday.

So what you like to in your spare for fun and hobbies ? Other than creating NFT's?

I love film and television. I also do photography as well. I also enjoy coding as well.

Cool so no gaming ?

Occasionally, when I have time. Life keeps me pretty busy. I did sink about 200 hours into the Witcher 3 about a year ago. LOL!

I know a few people who have done that ha ha I cant remember the last single player i put 200 hours in

It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played. I love it!

I take it you watched the witcher on

I did. I quite enjoyed it.

Yea have to say I did enjoy it to

So where can we find your cards for sell?

My Crypto Cards are available in the creekdrops21 collection on AtomicHub.

And the Crypto Moonies figures are available there as well in the cryptomoonie collection.

So any chance of a small airdrop for people reading this ?

I would be happy to airdrop some Banano cards to your readers

Just 2 question left for you is there else people can keep up to date with your and finally this is for an article that will be be put on do you use it ?

I currently don’t, but will check it out.

Is there anything you want to add IL happy put it in ?

Thanks for the interview. Good luck with your project.

Thanks to Creek for taking his time to chat wish him all the best in the furture if you dont follow him give a follow and maybe you might track down his telegram

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Written by   503
9 months ago
Topics: NFT, Nft artist, WAX
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I missing a lot of drops of free NFT from those cool artist because I always late 🤧. But anyway, that's another awesome artist you've got there. 😎

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9 months ago

My article i droped yesterday has a google form so once you do it you will get a nft

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9 months ago

I've had my eyes on these for awhile. Did you get a Shark Card? kcfqw.wam

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9 months ago

Hey man, Another solid piece. I never understood people who like Funko Pops... I have 2 or 3 people who gave me as a present and I don't even care about them (don't tell the people who gifted them to me that). I don't see much of a point. But the people who love funkos are the perfect market for NFT collectibles that's for sure.

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9 months ago

I did collect them for a while they y are addictive

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9 months ago

ppbb.wam... its always great to get a insight of the art I see floating around

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9 months ago

This is cool. Thanks for doing this interview both of you.


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9 months ago

Not a problem its a regular thing

$ 0.00
9 months ago

me too, i'm still confused whether the funko NFTs are April Fools pranks


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9 months ago

I know i must look into it

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9 months ago

I think I already followed him on twitter. Not sure though.

In case haha: 1ntr.wam

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9 months ago

Nice article. I'm liking the new profile pic too! rwpqy.wam

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9 months ago

Cheers mate

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9 months ago

Nice article! Love cryptomoonies! Im just too slow to grab em when they drop lmao hopefully someone paperhands on secondary soon 😋 ✌❤


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9 months ago

Hello Creek. Nice to meet you! Another nice interview you finally found your niche.


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9 months ago

Thanks hunn

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9 months ago


I'll read this after I post my wax address. lol.

UPDATE: Not sure if I've seen him before but kinda heard the crypto moonies tho. I'd better check his twitter for future drops.

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9 months ago

Nice interview ! udtr2.wam

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9 months ago

Thank you

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9 months ago

Love the theme of this one! Already followed him on Twitter. 😁


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9 months ago

Hi Creek! Great job up there ! 🎁

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9 months ago

Nice.. First one

.axr.wam 😁 Just in case

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9 months ago

glad i'm still awake for this. lol

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9 months ago