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Meet the artist behind THEINTANGIBLE 

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1 month ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist

Right another great artist and I have to say I love his work and with his new Rhino project dropping each Friday I have to grab him and have a chat from a graffiti artist come NFT artist .

Hey man how's things ?

Very good how are you my guy ?

I am great .

That's awesome 😎 .

Did you do much work on your project today ?

My day just started I have a little 1 year old so I usually work at night and network during the day .

I know the feeling I have a 9 month old and 4 year old sleep is for the weak lol . So how did you become aware of NFTs ?

Well during covid me and my buddy's created a clothing company called we love Gary vee and herd him talking about NFTs and a few days later Jake Paul was opening Pokémon cards and he was talking about them and my buddy cam decided we should release a few and so we did and we started networking with other people and creating NFTs everyday to promote the website and one day I decided I was going to create my own and so I made an account on atomic hub and open sea and it's been about 5 maybe 6 months now if it not longer.

And did you have a project in mind when you started ?

No not really we just started to Release things we liked my art background is graffiti and cartoon inspired I spent more than half my life with spray paint landed me in a lot of trouble once I had kids I kind of walked away from it but the passion to create art was still in me and NFT's and my clothing brand brought it all out of me again like I never left I did a lot of random pieces in the beginning and a lot of portraits of me and my business partners but nothing in mind in the beginning.

So you where a graffiti artist ?

Yeah especially in my youth it started as just something to do but quickly became a addiction my family did not understand it. it got bad I remember once my aunt was taking me to school had no idea I snuck out the night before she knew what my stuff looked like so we hoped on the freeway and she seen three huge pieces covering a few freeway spots and slapped the f**k out of me until we made it to my school across town she told me this stuff will never pay bills she doesn't believe that any more my whole family sees the potential in what I'm doing and support what I'm doing 100% now I guess I never really gave it up and I'm glad I didn't .

Wow that is quite cool do you have any pics of your work ?

Lost a lot in the past I'm featured on bombing science and with the right google search you could find some (RUEN GRAFF) from my ups and downs in California when I was 18 or so when I was doing this the camera wasn't always on lol but I could still be found if you look hard enough .

Of course so did you put your graffiti artwork into NFTs ?

Definitely love the mix of color graff brings the way you can blend any thing from art into graffiti is just amazing to me . How well it adapts to other art forms and the culture surrounding it has always been part of my NFTs I actually have a few graffiti artist I will be bringing into the NFT space in the next couple months creating a new look on NFTs and street art with some pretty cool names from California and the world who I've been lucky to know or talk to on Instagram.

A little bit of both they'll probably start with me and then Branch off to doing their own things as soon as I figure out how this works my goal is really to get more people motivated into NFTs and more artists familiar with how they work I have my own things going as well my rhinocerwax 1/1 collection comes with free NFTs and a telegram and many upgrades and perks .

When did you drop your first NFT ?

My first solo project dropped some time in April on Atomichub in a few months before that I dropped with my team on open sea and atomic hub .

Shout out to them Meloman and Camren walker .

Are they still creating ? What was your first NFT you dropped as a solo artist ?

Yeah they definitely are we are still creating together as well and we have huge plans in the future .

My first drop as a Solo artist was called

teddystripin #1

How did the community react to it ?

I didn't have a big following I don't even think I have a big one now there wasn't much of a reaction but it definitely motivated me and I have came a long way in a short time .

I suppose we have talk about your 1 of 1 rhinos ? Why rhinos

I'm a big guy 🤣 6'3 280 pounds lol and i keep to myself a lot of the time the rhino has always been my spirit animal I don't look like the friendliest person but once you get to know me I have a lot of love in my hart and I protect those I hold close the second installment of the rhinos 25% of the proceeds will go to the international rhinos foundation I'm huge animal lover as well and if we don't protect the rhinos we have left they will soon be gone for good .

Oh cool so big guy big heart with a really great project so how many 1 of 1s is there?

So far I have 30 minted give or take 35 this first season when they are all released there will be about 70 it was supposed to be 50 but I got carried away still most of them will evolve especially the ones that are more plain or ordinary I guess you could say those will become very rare after blending and evolving them to get more information on that stuff you would have to buy one and then you would get an invite to the telegram or when the telegram is released to the public everyone will get updates and I'm actually working on creating one for you specifically sometime this week so I will definitely hit you up about that .

Wow so it started at 50 and you kept goin to 75 that's not a bad think . I cant wait to see what you create . So out of all your NFTs what has been your favorite and why ?

It would have to be one I gave away for free a couple days ago called Ruenz pet I always wanted a rhino the size of a Pitbull lmao odd I know lol 😅 so I know that's not possible so I decided to draw myself walking one and it really has like a comic book vibe I just love the way it came out .

Is that hand drawn ?

Everything I do is hand-drawn .

What programs you like to do to finish them ?

I use procreate and illustrator pro but mainly procreate .

How long did that piece take to create ?

I did it in about 4 hours give or take .

Oh wow that impressive . Have you done many collabs ?

Actually yeah one of my first collabs was with Ken bosak I did a piece called burntbrobros I've done two with gils infant Miggy crypto, amorscash ,levitatedarts, catfresh, leekvizcarrondo to name a few .

Oh so you have got a good few names under your belt is there a dream collab you would love to do ?

I really want to work with Gary vee senior Lupe and NFT pizza .

Who is your favorite artist ?

Senior Lupe for sure .

What's been your most exciting part of your NFT project ?

This NFT adventure has so many exciting parts but I guess I would say the best thing so far was the fact that it took me all the way to Miami this year and just watching so many people take notice of my work and actually love it .

What's the biggest collection in your Wallet ?

It's between senior Lupe and agora I try to buy everything they both have .

What does your family think of your project ?

They don't really understand NFTs no matter how many times I explain it to them but they love that other people love it they love that people are buying my stuff my oldest daughter loves helping me open packs and put things into atomic hub and set my rhinos up she's actually the one who gives them the names or helps me give them names .

Ah that's brilliant have you got her to make any ?

Not yet but she will very soon including 3 rhinos .

That will be cool . So tell us something random about you ?

I love lemon pepper chicken wings and the smell of spray paint gives me flashbacks to my childhood lol .

What you like to do for fun when your not creating ?

When I have time I'll play some cod to zone out or listen to music BBQ and drink some brews and roll one usually all at the same time 😂

I must join you on cod sometime ha ha ha !!! Where can the community reach out to you ?

The best way to get a hold of me is through Twitter I'm on there the most .

Or will Intangible on Facebook

Where can we buy your NFTs ?

I post most of my links on Twitter . But everything I have available on Nefty blocks

When the next dropping happening ?

I'm not sure yet I'm dropping about 10 more rhinos on Friday though .

Nice any sneak peak ?

Only 4 I got ready to go up right now .

Nice . Would you like to appear at WAXWEEN ?

Yeah sure . What do you need me to do?

Il get back to you with more details soon . Would you like to competition or a drop for the readers ?

I could drop something for the readers give me like a day or two I'll come up with something .

Of course man take your time .

And here it is click the link below and grab one .

Before we finish up is there anything else you would like to say or add ?

One thing I will say to the people reading this is you never know if someone's going through and you can't read emotions through the internet so spread love and positive vibes and as a friend of mine once told me just be nice to everyone .

Thanks so much its been a pleasure .

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Written by   402
1 month ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist
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Nice work! I really like this style! I have a little sensitivity to the flickering images, but this one isn't too bad on the eyes. It actually looks really good! I think I just claimed mint number 19. Thank you to the both of yous!!

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1 month ago

Anytime bro

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1 month ago

Good article! Drop still broken for me!

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1 month ago

Working now

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1 month ago

I know problem is artist in america

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1 month ago

I thinks its about time for you to actually create a Vlogging channel and featuring this amazing artist on it. That would be so fun.

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1 month ago

Try the claim link

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1 month ago

Speaking of, I am currently trying to create an Anchor Wallet and it is asking me to like import Private Keys now. I dunno what to do. Can't I just not make account directly with Anchor?

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1 month ago

I am using wax wallet and its the last link

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1 month ago

Alright. I will be doing what's needed

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1 month ago

Claim link? Is that the last link on the article? It says I need to create a wallet first. I will to create an Anchor Wallet because that is one of the choices it provided.

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1 month ago

Thank you 😁

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1 month ago

Try the claim link now

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1 month ago

Woops. I forgot my password and was temporary banned to wax. Hahaha 😆😆 Thats a shame. Nice arts! And I missed it! Ugh

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1 month ago

Reading the interview was enjoyable and I enjoyed looking at some of those artworks, especially the one in frame 4 where he was holding a pit bull with a rhinohorn. I showed my cousin some of the pictures but he argued that they were computer generated images. I had to show him the part where it was stated "everything I do is hand drawn".

I've always been interested in learning about NFTs cos' I've got no idea how it works. Reading this interview got me even more interested.

Mr. Crackers, do you have any special advise for me about where to begin from and what to learn, or perhaps a website containing full tutorials?

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1 month ago

There is lots of tutorials on here or even youtube but you can always me a msg

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1 month ago

Personal message or here on

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1 month ago

Here if you want

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1 month ago


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1 month ago