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Meet the artist behind NFTStory.Cards

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So if you know the name its because this project was part of the advent calendar and I had to get him to get a better look behind his project and him and even do its taken a little longer than I would of liked I finally got him to chat and here is what he had to say .

Hey man


How's things ?

Good. You?

Cant complain let me start by saying thank you for taking part in the advent calendar. Did you get up to much today ?

Working on a bunch of different things actually. It was fun to be part of the calendar.

Hope that includes your NFT project !

Some. Not as much today as I was hoping. Haha

So how did the project come about ?

I got into NFT’s by listening to the Bad Crypto Podcast. My brother is an author and I thought having NFT’s that were tied in with actual written stories would be cool.

Oh cool so all your NFTs will be linked to a story will these be based on fairy tales or what kind of story's ?

We have a variety of stories. We have Flash Fiction stories that are really short and usually have a fantasy element, though not always. We also have our Choose Your Own Adventure series that is the main story cards we offer. We’re just finishing the first big season and will be relaunching it to reach more people later this month or early in February. Then we also do collabs and partnerships where we work with others to share their lore or a story based on their project.

How come you are relaunching it ?

We are doing a relaunch to help reach people who want to access the full Season One right away rather then how we did it in the past with new story sections coming out slowly over time. We found that the NFT space is so busy that people have a hard time staying up to date when we released things over a long period.

Yeah I can understand do you think a relaunch will help and why did you choose WAX ?

I think it’s a good time for a relaunch. We’ve got a cool collab in the new Block Chain Heroes Retro Rebellion Unity Pack and another cool subscription story NFT coming out so we feel like it’s a good time to reintroduce all of what we’re doing to the WAX community. We chose WAX because of how easy it is to get started and the fact that there are no gas fees. It’s a great community to be a part of.

That does sound exciting and yes WAX does have a great community so how many NFTs was in the first season ?

Around 40 .

That is some amount was there blending involved ?

Yes, in the choose your own adventure you would pick two “motivation” cards that you’d blend together to get the next part of the story you wanted to follow. For example, at the end of a story section it might say, “If you want to follow person A blend the fear and anger motivation cards. If you want to follow person B blend the courage and cunning cards together.”

Ah that's sounds brilliant . what was the first NFT you dropped ?

We dropped some Flash Fiction cards first but the Starter card for the Choose Your Own Adventure is called “The Boy & The Book.”

How did the community react ?

Good. We started pretty decent though it was a very crowded field when we launched. Having stories tied to NFT’s is a very new thing and takes some education. We’re really hoping to educate more people about the project through a relaunch and partnerships.

Of course so there was no collabs in series one at all ?

We did a big collab with the guys at Warsaken where we did a story based on one of their leaders. There are some of those still available as well.

Oh wow so how you a lot more collabs lined up now will they be included as series one or separate collection ?

We do the collabs as separate collections.

Awh that makes sense . how do you come up with the designs from the stories?

The stories are usually written by my brother who’s a professional author and then I go in and decide what the art should look like based on the story. Then we have a wonderful artist we work with who brings it all together.

How long does each NFT take to create ?

Usually a week or so for each.

what programs is used to create them ?

Not 100% sure what my main artist uses but we work together to get the finished project setup and designed in Photoshop. That’s where we add some of the card ID feature.

What is your favourite one of the collection ?

The whole choose your own adventure story is awesome but if we’re talking just card art I’m a huge fan of “The Sky Chair.”

How come ?

Lots of the story takes place underground so the art is usually darker. This card is super bright and has a very unusual idea as part of it. It’s a great example of how we illustrate the story.

Of course I know you said you have collabs lined up I there a dream collab out there ?

That’s a tough one. Really we’d love to do collabs with all the big WAX projects that have great lore. Our Story Portal is a great way for projects to give exclusive access to cool lore to their loyal followers. Right now I’m really enjoying playing Dragon Valley so I’d love a collab with them!

Nice are you a NFT collector ?

Yeah, I collect some. Trying out some P2E games right now.

Who would be your favourite artist ?

Hmm…that’s a tough one. I really like what Waxel Ninja is doing, the detailed art of Dr. Zammsy and the super cute stuff by Red Panda Adventure. I’m a sucker for the big name Pop Funkos also!

What has been the best bit of the project?

Getting to help get more of my brothers written work into new hands.

What has been the hardest part of the project ?

Getting people to understand how we’ve tied written content to the NFT’s. It’s a totally new concept and something I don’t see anyone else on wax doing so the education is the hardest.

What does your family think of it ?

They think it’s pretty cool though sometimes it takes up a little too much of my time! Haha .

Is this a full time job ?

Not at all. Just a side project.

What you like to do to unwind ?

Hang out with my family and catch a TV show. I enjoy reading as well.

Tell us something random about you ?

My regular job is as a martial arts instructor. I’ve done taekwondo for 28 years.

Where is the best place to keep up with the project ?

Our discord

Where can we buy your NFTs ?

Best place is Nefty Blocks!

Any chance of a competition for the readers ?

I’m open to it. How about we do a twitter competition and Il give a few The Boy & The Book NFTs away .

Well IL let you decide so before we finish up is there anything you would like to say or add

No, just thanks for the opportunity!

Anytime and thank you for your time.

To enter the competition check the link below plus check there NFTs out or drop into there discord .

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Written by   503
1 week ago
Topics: WAX, NFT, Artist
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