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Meet the artist behind IceBreaker OG Penguins

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2 weeks ago
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This is how the artist describes there project

Icebreakers is an all-inclusive Penguin Gang. The collection will feature several different “gangster” penguins which are all created by Nessiepresso (Vanessa/Nessie/Penguin Honcho/"hey you over there"). The goal for the collection is to, more than anything else, entertain the holders through fun activities and blends (with Pop Culture references in the mix). The project will progress through different phases as we evolve and more NFTs are released. To give you some context I’ve always dabbed in art-sy work and over the course of many years I developed some illustration skills. Drawing has always been a hobby up until this point, as I didn’t see utility to my so-called art. Having joined the wax blockchain and having discovered NFTs, that changed. I found a home to create and share with the community my small set of skills.


Hi hi!

How you?

I'm great, how are you?

I am good any plans for today?

Just the usual ah work a bit on my collection, enjoy the weekend how about you?

Proubly do some shilling of the advent calendar watch the football entertan the kids lol . How did you enter crypto?

Sounds good! The advent calendar looks amazing tbh, great job! Well I have known about crypto for a while, maybe 4-5 years, but earlier this year I started discovering NFTs through a friend of mine and he told me about Sandbox (the game on eth/poly) and I started playing that and learning more about this whole new world of crypto games and that's what pulled me in. Then searching more games where I could earn crypto, I got told about Womplay by another friend and that's how I came to find the WAX and EOS blockchains and started getting into the community.

Thank you very much . Ah so you came in through p2e and when did you decide to create your own project?

Yeah pretty much. It had been an idea for a while as Sandbox also allowed users to create and sell on their marketplace, but I decided to actually do it when I got into dungeon master as it was a gateway to many different wax collections and the AtomicHub/Neftyblocks markets make it really easy to get started on your own collection. Not to mention I very much prefer the way Wax handles transactions when compared with ethereum. I think I started creating my penguins in late May and then released my first NFT in late June.

What's the idea behind the project?

To start with, I'm doing just art collectibles. The main idea is a collection of Gangster Penguins, making use of Pop Culture References. It's heavily impacted by the stuff I listened and watched growing up and my boyfriend's love for Hip-hop culture (which he pushed onto me). I hope to be able to develop it further and be able to have physical redeemable and who knows where it can go from there, sky is the limit.

What was the first gangster penguin you dropped?

It was this one, the Icebreakers OG Penguin

How did the community react?

It sold out in less than 5 days. I put out a max of 50, in which 10 I gave to the people who helped me when I came into the wax community. The other 40 were sold on a drop. I'd say the love I received surpassed my expectations

How many have you dropped since?

Let me think....I dropped 5 Series 1 Penguins (which is basically the main collection - I'm working on Series 2 now!). I dropped 2 Series 1 Blends. 4 Collab Pieces (CrayCrayBees, Grimm's Misfortune, MadeOnStream and PsychoDinos). 3 Promo Penguins and 5 NFTs that are used for blends and community rewards. And one 1/1. ....Quite a lot of them now that I think about it ahhah

How do you create each NFT?

I use Clip Paint Studio on my Galaxy Tab. I started out with using Illustrator, Photoshop and an old school wacom tablet, but I soon decided that was not the most straight forward way to mass-create NFTs. With today's technology I definitely advise anyone wanting to create NFTs to invest in a good tablet!

How long do they take to create?

Well, if I focus...a few I usually am busy with other stuff they take me a few days. I also do a lot of re-drawing until I get a version I think is the best

Do you have a favorite NFT that you have created?

Yeah, all are special but my favorite one was actually the 1/1 I did...the color combo on that one is my fave, let me see if I can dig it up.

This one I made it for the person who won my discord's invite competition.

Have you got a dream collab you would love to do?

Oof, that's a though one, there's so many great artists in Wax, I can think of 2 or 3 different ones id like to work with ahah. I guess id love to collab with Mr.Twofu or Tony Trip the most.

Oh good choices do you collect NFTs?

Yes! I mainly collect PsychoDinos, I do try to collect CyberVandals and SkunkyChunks but its harder to collect my favourite pieces of those two collections.

What has been the hardest part of doing your project?

Consistently putting out new work. I overthink things which is both a blessing and a curse, I must ensure the art aligns perfectly with my idea of what the collection should be and some days I feel like i better take a break from the piece i am working to come back to it later and ensuring I am doing right by my vision of the collection. Fresh thinking goes a long way.

What has been the best part of doing your project?

The actual process of creating. I love drawing and creating the collection gave me a chance to do that again.

What's the long term plan for the project?

I hope to be able to give back to the community either via a staking system or developing something like SkunkyChunks has where if you hold a specific NFT you receive part of the market revenue. Essentially I hope to make the collection self-sustainable.

When is the next drop?

Hopefully, end of month. I'm working on 2 packs, some reward blends too.

What does your family think of your project?

They love it. My boyfriend was the person who convinced me to start and my sister and brother in law collect it.

Does he create to?

Not NFTs no, he has a Hip-hop project where I help. He and a friend have connections to local rappers and they organize cyphers, podcasts and events. I edit the video component for these.

Has he not dropped his music as NFTs?

Not as of yet, its something he's interested in and we may collab on when the time is right.

Where the best place to buy your NFTs?

Where the best place to keep up with your project?

On discord definitely. If there's updates, that's where I first

Any chance of a competition for the readers?

Sure! How about an art competition? Whoever draws the most gangsta penguin will have win a Series 1 Penguin of their choice! Deadline is end of month! I will create a channel on my discord server to submit the entries into the competition and then the community can vote on who wins!

I love it before we finish is there anything you would like to add?

Just thank you for inviting me for an interview, love discussing art


Check her where to upload your drawings

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Written by   650
2 weeks ago
Topics: NFT, WAX, Artist, Interview
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Everyone loves penguins... if they are gangsta.. even better!

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