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Meet the artist behind Burning Beard NFTs

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2 weeks ago
Topics: Artist, WAX, NFT

So I meet this artist a month or so back when when he was only starting and have kept in contact with him he is such a lovely guy and his project is only going to get bigger plus did you know he is looking for a charity to support with his sales but il let him explain why .

Hey bro !

Having a good day?

It could be worse could be better lol and you ?

Same I suppose very busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way I'm mean just real life stuff you know?

Of course . So lets start at the beginning how did discover NFTs ?

Actually thought investing into stocks. The topic came up and so I needed to do some DD, (due diligence) That's when I learned about them.

Ah and did you start collecting or creating first ?

Collecting by far. Iv always. been a collector. Cards, comics, rare coin, gold & silver bullion, numismatics. Anything if value really.

Ah what made you start creating ?

That's actually a bit of a loaded question. The simple answer is I got sick of just collecting and for once I saw an opportunity to create something that I was already collecting. All of my other collections, I felt, I wasn't able to do. Like mint a gold coin for example 😅🤤

It's actually kinda bizarre doing this as I haven't drawn a thing before this since childhood. In investing I have heard and practiced that it is a good idea to stick with what you know. As you know but your readers may not, I am a veteran. I did a tour with the infantry in Afghanistan "The Sand Box" we called it. Anyway I was medically released with PTSD and so, I am retired and on a pension. I thought with my understanding of investing and my life experiences, that NFTs could be an excellent medium. I feel like once the masses accept crypto NFTs will explode.

And did you an idea for your project ?

Yes so my NFT they are cartoon doobies. So cannabis cigs. They are called

The Doobie Bros.

They came from the idea of wanting to inform people about PTSD while poking fun at cannabis culture related issues. (I have a large, & very useful prescription of cannabis for my PTSD) Silly things like a stem poking a hole in your paper when rolling. 🙄

Stem Roll Doobie Bro . Variant - abstract

Or Canoe Doobie Bro when it burns up 1 side.

Variant - Burnt Out

They are deadly how did the community reacted ?

Thanks brother, I truly appreciate every compliment I get. It's a slow process but I haven't had anything but compliments, help and support. Many collabs on the go. Wax network is teeming with talent. I'm super bullish on wax. I made this guy I'm dropping later today to celebrate wax hitting Binance.

I give you

HODL Doobie Bro.

😂 Yes I laugh at my own jokes too.

If you don't laugh at your own jokes who will !!!

We are on the same page then. Ha

Of course so when did you drop your first NFT ?

My first drop was about a week before Waxapalooza. It kinda jump started everything, but now I have found my pace.

Did you feature in Waxapalooza ?

I got the Stem Roll Doobie Bro minted in time yes. All exposure is great I have a donation pool going for veterans in need. 25% of proceeds from sales go to this. The rest goes to projects for the community. We have saved about a 1/3 of the way to our first order of real life glow stickers of The Dobbie Bros! I'll be doing an auto mint model of These characters in the future. I hope to create a community and a product that can be used to hold capital gains for investor so they don't have to worry about taxes.

Oh wow so this a charity and real life project .

Yes it is both. If you hold 1 of these, it's worth 1 sticker I'll send you some to give away and keep too.

Oh brilliant can I ask is there a chosen charity you are going to give to ?

I will announce the official charity once I we have a decent amount to donate. I can tell you the the person who is the charity is a veteran himself. He hits the streets daily to feed homeless veterans. ❤️ Dudes a hero. He is a registered charity on Facebook but I can't drop the info just yet.

That's no problem .

BTW this is the NFT to redeem glow stickers.

That is class .

So how many NFTs have you created so far ?

I think about 6 non collection NFTs and.. About the same for The Doobie Bros collection. It's on Atomic Hub 1doobiebros1 is how to find it for anyone interested.

What has been your favorite NFT to create ?

It's a toss up between a few but gun to my head, I'd have to say it's the one I'm currently working on Flesh Golem Doobie Bro. My fav of the ones I have minted is the Burnt Out variant. I love to draw the mechanics. I'm pleased with the way he came out but the next time I do that style you can expect loads more detail.

Can we have a sneak peak ?

As far as the mechanics goes I haven't done anything yet but I'll show you where I am at with the flesh golem if you like.

Yes please

Not a soul other than myself and wife have seen this yet. I'm about half way done him.

He looks angry lol .

He is a monster so yup !!!!

Is each one hand drawn ?

They are yes . They all start on paper accept this one actually. I think I'm evolving to save time.

How long does each one take to create ?

The first ones took about 50 hours as I had to learn the iPad and software. I now put that much time+ into each one but it's all pencil to pad minus the learning.

Have you done any collabs ?

I have several going on atm. I won't disclose any until they are complete but 8 am doing some pretty big stuff. I have a caveman character I'm doing an auto mint project with. A few others too.

Oh cool . Can I ask who would be your dream collab ?

That's a tough one. I love me some Ultra Horrors though but for me it my dream collab would be GKings. Love their colour play and characters.

They really come up a lot . What is the biggest collection in your wallet ?

It's the gnomes series 1. I was helping out the wife with packs and base cards

Oh really lol nick and nick have done well with that project. What has been the best bit of becoming an artist ?

All about the art however the community aspect has been a nice surprise.

How you thought about expanding to other markets ?

Absolutely. With the release of my 2nd Doobie Bros project, I will spread the collection around a bit in hopes of promoting multiple platform collections. Maybe try and bring some of that strong sense of community with them. Open Sea will be the next obvious step. I'll also be minting 1 of 1s along side the collection. I'd like to be open to as many potential investors as possible. Good question.

Of can we have links to where we can buy your NFTs ?

Have you brought many friends or family into the WAX world ?

I have not. Instead I have made friends and family on Wax.

Of course there is some great people in this community . How does your family feel about your project ?

Kids are surprised by my art I think however I let them believe they are twisted pretzel characters and slices of pizza. They don't need to know every thing, too young. 5,10,and 15 tomorrow. That's my daughter Emily. She is special (fragile X syndrome) so she is much like the younger kids. ❤️❤️❤️

Awh man nothing wrong with that keep them innocent . Is this a full time job?

No I'm on a pension so father full time and this is what it is. A project I enjoy sinking time into. The amount I draw it might as well be a full time job hah.

Its must be great to be with the kids all the time .Tell us something random about you ?

Great yes, tiring, also yes hah. Something random... I have the inside of my lip tattooed. It's my mother's initials worked into a rose. She passed from cancer when I was 8 so I like to honor her when I can.

Sorry to hear that I lost my mam to cancer as well . What you you like to do for fun when you aren't creating NFTs ?

Honestly if I can get a date night with the wife, every now and then, that would be great .

Where do you like to interact with the community ?

Will you be setting up a telegram or discord at any point ?

The Twitter is mine but the other to are ran by fans with my co-operation. here is some artwork I am working on .

Are these future NFTs ?

Yes they will be given to members of each just haven't got to promoting them just yet.

Would you like to do a drop or competition for the readers ?

I still have 1 of our promo NFTs I made when we met. As well as 2 of the logo NFTs for the glow stickers. I'll toss in a Doobie Bro as well.

Look what's in bongo's bowl haha

I love that's perfect . What would you like the readers to do ?

A simple retweet of these article and follow us both + tag nft loving friends.

Perfect . So before we finish up is there anything you would like to say or add ?

Just to let people know about Wax network and how inexpensive it is. Not to mention the supportive communities for the NFT artists on social media outlets. Artists and collectors. I just wanted to say real quick, everything you are doing here for the community is just great. Thanks again for having me this was fun. 😋

It was my pleasure as always say you can hit me up any time .

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Written by   328
2 weeks ago
Topics: Artist, WAX, NFT
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always inspiring to read your interviews crackers! there are so many dope people to meet in this community and you always making connections. thank you <3

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1 week ago

Thank have you checked out my new one

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1 week ago

I will really need to learn more about NFTs. They sound cool and great.

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1 week ago

This artist is really great! Aside from him being a collector and a creator, he does such things for a great cause. That's cool tho, I will surely check it out considering I really love his editing style, so cool!

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1 week ago

Thank you.


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2 weeks ago

Atir2.wam! Haha

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2 weeks ago

Will check tomorrow as phone will die ... again!

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2 weeks ago

Check this out @BabeT


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2 weeks ago