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Meet one of the team behind Crypto forces

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2 months ago
Topics: NFT, Artist, WAX

So I had the pleasure to chat to the founding member of crypto forces who told me about how this project came about and what he hopes to do with the project I have to say I do love there own brand of super hero's and I think the future of this project looks great .

Hey how's it going ?

Hey I'm fine here with a lot of work!! preparing our next drops of Crypto Forces for tomorrow ๐Ÿ’ช

Of course . So I am guessing that's what you spent your day on today ?

Exactly, we were preparing that for the launch of packages everything was in order in addition to updating the new cards on our website .

Of course so is this a one operation or a team ?

It could be said that we are a team, actually, I would be like the director of the collection and then the team of cartoonists where we currently have Nika Yermakova from Russia and The Ghost Ink who is another local artist here from Chile. Soon we hope to grow to integrate many more artists into the team, as well as programmers to prepare our next game that is among our goals.

Oh wow so there will be a game and what kind of game ?

We are still planning it but it will be a turn-based fighting game, each character will have unique abilities and the more rarity the character's card has, the better skills. To give you an idea of the style of the game, it would be like the naruto arena website. In the game, competitors will be able to challenge against each other to be in a ranking to win the Crypto Forces token, in addition to performing in-game missions to get new skills or special characters. It is still too early to give more details but we hope to give more news when we have our whitepaper and first images of what the game would be

Of course so lets start from the start how did you discover NFTs ?

It may sound funny but I started hearing from NFTs from YouTubers that their channel subject is about mystery. At that time I saw a video of Ivan Martรญnez (Vm granmisterio on YouTube ) and he talked precisely about this new technology that was becoming more crowded quickly and delivering quite interesting applications in industries such as art, video games, finance, etc. I found it very attractive and set about researching further. After understanding a little more about what is an NFT, I found a famous channel on YouTube about the wax blockchain, CryptoStache, a very good channel that delivered tutorials to be able to create NFTs in the wax network.

I think a lot of people found NFTs through cryptostache . When did you decide to create NFTs ?

Yes, it's definitely a you tuber with good content and I'm pretty sure many people on the wax blockhain have started with him. Regarding my collection, I started developing the project in mid May or so, by the end of the month we had our first 3 NFTs to be whitelisted by the AtomicHub moderators.

How did you come up with the project ? And what was the first NFT you released?

I started with the project thinking that it would be fun to personify each coin in a superhero character, I love superheroes especially the comic style. That's when I found an opportunity to offer a new content to the community. As I'm not very good at drawing, I had to look for artists to accompany me with the project. Fortunately I found Nika and later The Ghost, extremely talented artists who today are a fundamental part of the Crypto Forces team. My first NFT was the one I asked Nika for, I wanted it to be Doge, as I thought it was an attractive and entertaining way to start the project. However after the moderators didn't let me create new collections with only 1 NFT , I had to create a NFT by myself, and today it is the number 1 card of the collection that currently represents the Crypto Forces logo.

Can we have picture ?

Sure, this is Super Doge and below this is the first card of the collection made by me.

Ah was the card you created got you whitelisted ?

That's right this is the card

How did you find your team members ?

I have looked for them thanks to freelancer platforms, in this case, I use upwork, you can find very talented people the truth there for all kinds of projects.

Of course and because you are based all around the world is it hard to communicate ?

Yes, it is true, nowadays almost everyone speaks English so it is a little easier to communicate with people of other nationalities. Even so for people who do not know English, it is entirely possible that they understand each other with all the tools that exist on the internet. Unless you are an alien or something similar haha

I meant time differences but your right language plays a big party ?

If it is true, temporalities are a real challenge, it usually takes us 1 day to communicate because when it is day here, in Russia it is usually at night and so on for the other side.

Oh god so I am guessing it can be a slow progress sometimes ?

You're right, many corrections have taken too long for some illustrations, which is why we need to work with more people to diversify and bring more NFTs faster to the community.

How many NFTs have the team created ?

So far we have 12 NFTs of different cryptocurrencies plus its 5 variants for each which are common, rare, epic, legendary and mythical, which would give a total of 60 so far . The community can check all our NFTS on our website .

Of course what has been your favourite NFT so far ?

Uhh is a very difficult question as they have all been planned by me ๐Ÿ˜…, but if I had to choose, I would say that binance and Ada are my favourites! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

How come I hope its not because they are having a massive pump at the moment lol .

Haha who knows...๐Ÿคฃ

So how does each NFT come to life ?

Mmm is complex to explain, I always try to give a meaning to the character based on the cryptocurrency that will be designed. My main intention is that the holders of that coin feel comfortable and recognized in the character so that they enjoy it as much as their favourite cryptocurrency. For example, I used the typical superman stereotype for bitcoin, as it is one of the most powerful coins currently, model to follow for any other. or for example Ethernum, a semi-god character representing the vast majority of smart contracts that are carried today on the blockchain.

What programs do use to make your NFTs ?

Photoshop, and canva mainly

On average how long does each NFT to create ?

Well that depends on the artist, but usually it can take about 5 days, then I have to create from that base, the rare, epic, legendary and mythical cards. Which takes about another week.

Have you done any collabs ?

Not yet, but any artist is welcome to collaborate with us. ๐Ÿ˜„

Who would be your dream collab ?

I think they would be artists of the same style, maybe blockchain heros, I don't know, I'm trying to do a collaboration with cryptostache in the future maybe the super moustache will appear! lol

Oh the would be interesting . So do you collect NFTs ?

Of course, I also like games that have been developed with NFTs like alien worlds, Axie infinity or recently games like Dragonary.

Have you played splinterlands ?

I've heard of that game, but I don't really know it. What it is about?

Its a NFT game turn based fighting game based on skills elements and magic.

Sounds pretty interesting, I like strategy games and turn-based .

Should give it a go ! What is the biggest collection in your wallet ?

At the moment it's alienworlds, I have several soldiers and weapons out there holding until the battle update arrives ๐Ÿคญ

Ah so your packs drop 2muro are you excited ?

Of course, tomorrow we will drop TRON!!, one of the most powerful and feared villains of Crypto Forces! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

How many NFTs will be in each pack ?

Only one card comes as these packs are more oriented to collect and making blends of specific characters. In addition to having the probability of getting the rare, epic or legendary card of that character. Also these packs will be limited and when our stocks run out we will only leave the regular pack of 3 NFTs in which random characters come. So now is a great opportunity to get hold of the collection in a simpler way

Nice how much will each pack cost ?

Just 8 wax for them, then regular ones will be at 50 and special in 75 wax .

So good time to buy them is tomorrow ?

Exactly, you need to get hurry also because these individual packs are rotating every day per character!!

Oh that makes it more interesting how many available ?

There will only be 1350 mints from each of these single NFT packs and then they will be replaced with regular ones.

Ah . So what lesson would you pass on to a new NFT artist ?

Don't be discouraged if your expectations are not met when trying to sell crypto art, this is a fairly new discipline that must be done with a lot of passion and effort. Try to think also out of the box, nowadays there are a lot of opportunities with NFT technology. Just think that you will be pioneering this new technology and that over time who knows, you may become a great referent in the NFT world

Is this a full time job for you ?

They represent a portion of my income, but it can become full-time if all goes well over time. Artists and NFT projects depend too much on the community they create, so in the end, they are who make progress these projects like Crypto Forces

Can you tell us what is your full time job?

Well I'm currently developing a new product for the drone safety market also, which is an emergency parachute and that is why I like to delegate and work with teams. I'm pretty busy usually and well I also have a small company that provides services with drones and courses in robotics and 3D design.

Oh wow that's sounds so cool . Tell us something random about yourself ?

I love videos about mysteries, conspiracies and technology, playing video games and exploring apps in virtual reality I also enjoy it too much. ๐Ÿ‘พ

That's a good think sometimes . How does your family feel about your NFT project?

Honestly they do not understand much about this technology, every time I talk about a NFT it is not clear to them what it is. but they're happy with what I do.

What do you like to do when you aren't doing NFTs or creating a parachute for drones ?

Take a good break maybe lol, just a joke... I like to relax playing video games or go out to the movies with my girlfriend.

Where can we keep up todate with the project ?

You can find most of are links here

Where can we buy your lastest NFT ?

Well before I let you go 2 last question any chance of a drop or a competition for the readers ?

Thinking a drop would be useful for you so more people will read the interview..

Its up to you are the artist .

Yes, we will do the last thing. A form will be left so that people can participate in a drop-off exclusive to readers. But it will not be as easy as arriving and entering, in the form there will be a question about this interview. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ So only true readers will be able to enter. ๐Ÿ˜† Yes, it's true, I'm as evil as Binanz is.

Love it that's a brilliant idea . So before I let you go is there anything you want to say or add for the readers ?

Well thank you for the interview as it will help us to make this project better known to people and thank readers, I hope they have enjoyed this short and entertaining interview. Follow us on Twitter and Telegram that there are new surprises for the community. Thank you all for support Crypto Forces!! goodbye!

No thank you for your time .

So if you have read the article and fancy winning one of there great NFTS fill in there form below . The winners will be announced Saturday 28th of August .

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Written by ย ย 402
2 months ago
Topics: NFT, Artist, WAX
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