Meet a brand new artist godling forge

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I love bringing new artist for people to follow and support and this one is no different the project is very young but the artist has talent so lets meet the artist .



How you today ?

I’m good thanks! And yourself?

Just having my first cup of tea so I am good

Haha nothing like that first hit of caffeine in the mornings!

I know you up long ?

Yup! My days start early!

You in work today ?

I’m on leave today and Monday - been on some hectic deadlines and finally have a bit of time to relax!

Awh nice I am on a 7 day shift so I am only on day 5 no the pain. What's the plan for today so ?

Oof that sounds rough! My plan today is to relax and work on some NFT's - maybe do a hit of cleaning... 😅

Ah are you working on a new NFT ?

Ever since I got into it, it’s all I do in my free time!🤣

Well lets start at the how did you discover NFTs ?

A few months ago my mom saw a few articles about it and brought it up - I was going to try getting into it back then, but the price of ETH was ridiculous! So I ended up not really thinking about it for a while. Then about a week and a half ago a family friend told me about WAX and took me through the whole process she did to establish herself on the platform - and here we are!

Oh so you have a family friend on here making NFTs ?

I do! Her handle is @cutecatstickers! She has an amazing collection .

Ah I know her well she is such a lovely person and a great artist .

Definitely! She was super helpful with all the questions I had on setting up on WAX!

Of course and did you have a project in mind when you where setting up your account ?

I had 2 main ideas. The one is what I’ve currently been releasing in my collection - the other I’m keeping a secret for now until it’s ready to be released!

Well explain a bit more about your current project what's it based on ?

My current project focuses on a creation myth involving 8 elemental godlings. My friend @BuneeBun helped me lay out the ground work for the story, and with each new drop I’m expanding on the lore on each card!

One thing I really wanted to include in the art for each of the godlings, was for the colour of their element to be the only colour present, with the rest of the art done in grey scale

Oh nice so the current project is going to be a set of 8 NFTs and will there be blending involved ?

The initial run of gen 1 will include the 8 different godlings. I will be doing alternative art cards once the first 8 are complete in smaller runs and I have a few ideas to incorporate blending as well as packs!

Oh interesting and you have a 2nd project lined up ?

I do! It’s very different from my current one and a lot of work - but unfortunately I can’t reveal too much more about it just yet! But I’m really enjoying working on it!

And when would you hope to drop it ?

I’m hoping it’ll be ready within a week or two - but all depends on how much I can get done!🤣

Do you have a time scale when you will launch it ?

The first part I want to do two weeks from now, after that I’ll do smaller drops about a week apart until the project is completed😋

The first part will include half of the project in its entirety as one big drop so there will be a large pool of NFTs from the beginning with the smaller drops expanding it

That's sounds good . Can you say how many NFTs will be in the project ?

100 unique NFTs in total! (I’ve got my work cut out for me!)

But I will still be working on my current project at the same time!

Oh wow so you will be very busy and does your current full time help you with creation ?

Unfortunately not - I work as an animator and the work I do is completely separate from my NFT work - but I do intend on incorporating some animation in future NFTs as well!

Really I thought as an animator it would help do you not use the same programs?

Ah sorry I misunderstood! I thought you were asking if I could work on my NFTs during work! I definitely use the same software - mostly Adobe - but I use my own personal subscription to it of course

Would I know any of the animation you have done ?

Oh I don’t think so, I haven’t done any massively popular commercial animations - but hopefully one day I can say that you would know!

Can you link any of your work ?

Here is my showreel - it’s a bit old, but shows a nice bull of my work!

Oh that is cool they fit in the NFT world?

Thank you! I hope to include more animation into my NFT work in the future! But baby steps first!😋

Have you got a favourite NFT you have created ?

I think out of the 3 so far that I have minted, my favourite has to be Umllo!

How come ?

I might be a bit biased, but I think the idea of a one armed swordsman with fire powers is just a really cool concept, and his character design really encouraged me to explore muscle anatomy a lot more!

How long did he take to create ?

There are time when a character idea can take quite a while to get right, but in this case he just flowed onto the page and felt right very quickly! It was only a couple of days and he was fully fleshed out and I could create his card art!

When is the rest of the set coming out ?

I hope to do 2 characters per week, depending on workload, so all of the first 8 cards in the set should be out by the end of July!

When is the next drop ?

This afternoon, actually - at 2:59pm UTC! It’ll be the drop for Umllo

Oh nice you looking forward to it ?

I’m very excited! I hope other people like this NFT as much as I enjoyed making it!

I am guessing your so new you haven't done any Collabs is there anyone you would like it work with ?

No Collabs just yet - but I would love to do some! There are some amazing artists in the community! A few that come to mind are Cat Stickers, Rusty the red panda and Konceptonwax - but if anybody else would like to Collab they can definitely reach out!

Do you collect other peoples NFTs ?

I have been growing a small collection of NFTs from Cat Sticker, Rust and Koncept - but I don’t have a massive collection... yet!

It’s a lot of fun collecting artworks from artists your really like and helping support them!

Do you have any interested in crypto or just WAX ?

Crypto in general is a very interesting community - it almost feels a bit like the Wild West with how much it fluctuates! I am interested in trying out ETH and Opensea at some point, but for now I’m focused on WAX!

I am guessing your family is write behind you with your NFT creation ?

Oh definitely! They’re all super supportive and are really excited to see where I go with my NFTs! I think in many ways I’m blessed with the family I have!

Tell us something random about yourself ?

Something random... something unrelated to NFTs- but I’m also quite big into 3D printing! I enjoy printing and painting up models

What was the last model you painted ?

A little scifi tank - but recently I’ve been too interested in NFTs to give time to that hobby!🤣

Can we have a pic lol

Unfortunately I don’t have any saved at the moment - maybe some other time

No problem so do you do for fun when you aren't working or creating NFTs ?

Ah! I really enjoy board games and spending time with friends and family - I believe in a well balanced lifestyle of work and relaxation time!

Where can the community keep up to date with your project ?

For now the best place to keep up to date with my projects is on my Twitter

If I get a big enough community I will consider making a discord as well - but that’s something for the future!

Any chance of a competition or giveaway for the free readers ?

Definitely! I’d like to give you 3 of each of my NFTs I have released so far to give away!

Perfect thank you so before we finish up is there anything you would to add or say to the readers ?

I just wanted to say thank you to the community for supporting artists the way they do - this is a unique opportunity for us to work on projects we want to work on and it’s such an awesome feeling!

Thanks for taking the time to chat to me.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

Check out his NFTs here .

And I have 2 sets of the 3 NFTs he has dropped to win . 1 here and 1 on twitter so drop WAX address here and check the twitter link below

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as always, freaking amazing artwork! pzyas.wam

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Wow.. I like his NFTs.. So cool Let me join 🤣 .axr.wam

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Great interview! p4ira.wam

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2 years ago 🎁 Really good interview

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Cheers man going to try do a brand new artist once a week

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Really liked the style of this. Reminds me the korean manhwa Tower of God. my wax: dl4aw.wam

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Il be honest never heard of tower of god but i do like his work

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Great art 32.eo.wam

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Oh man I like these colors so nice and dark yup my taste of Art rx2r4.wam

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5 more nfts have to drop from this set quite excited

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Indeed as this really my type of stuff

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Really cool NFTs and interesting interview! It is important to have family supporting the artist. Helps a lot with creativity and focus.


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2 years ago

Yea my girlfriend creates nfts and the details that go into its hards

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