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Those slight disorders of childhood

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Those little discomforts that can occur in children during childhood


They are something very common in children and can occur from birth, increasing in severity according to the age of the children and the number of daily bowel movements. When the baby has two liquid stools a day and does not seem to have a fever or lose weight, it can be said that he has benign diarrhea. It can disappear by giving him a mild antidiarrheal medicine (which your pediatrician will prescribe) or by reducing the dose of powdered milk a little.

In children under 18 months, you have to be very vigilant and, if their stools increase, until they reach ten o'clock, which is considered medium-strength diarrhea, milk and all dairy products, as well as juices, should be cut. of fruits. Again your pediatrician or pharmacist may recommend certain astringent porridges, or you can prepare a soup of fresh carrots or give her rice water.

In the nursing child, if the diarrhea becomes acute, with several stools per hour, a deterioration in its condition can be seen immediately: it will have a dull look, dry lips, a depressed fontanelle, and a visible thinning body , flaccid.

If this happens, he must be taken immediately to the emergency center of a hospital and, while he arrives, give him sips of cold sugar water. If the fever

has risen a lot, you should put an ice pack, wrapped in a towel, on his head.

In children older than 18 months, the risk of dehydration decreases and it is easier to cure them. In general, it is enough to put them on a strict dairy-free diet and make them fast for a half to a full day, having them based on liquids, such as rice water. This regimen is being increased with carrot and rice purees, which will prepare the child's body for the return to a normal diet, in which the last thing that will be introduced will be milk, cheeses and other dairy products. As the child at that age already chews, it can be given ripe apples, quinces and bananas. You have to make her drink plenty of water, sugary if possible. As for antidiarrheals, again we advise you to go to the pediatrician for it.

In some cases, the diarrhea is chronic and does not seem to improve with the usual treatments. The doctor will be able to find out if they are due to sugar intolerances or certain enzymatic deficiencies, and will prescribe a treatment, which must be followed to the letter to avoid a relapse.

We find breakouts on the skin:

Few children escape annoying stinging. These are rashes that appear on the baby's skin, in the part covered by the diapers, where the heat and humidity are ideal for the spread of bacteria, especially during hot months. The symptoms are those of a burning sensation, pain and in many cases itching, which irritate the baby and make him cry.

In some cases, they are caused by an allergy to the detergents used when washing diapers; in others, they are due to ammonia that is formed by the action of bacteria on the baby's skin, wet with urine.

One of the simplest remedies is not to put plastic pants on children, which retain heat and humidity, and to use cotton diapers. You also have to dry the baby's buttocks well, without rubbing them, as they would become more irritated, and spread a special cream on them. Cream and talcum powder should not be used at the same time. Another remedy is, especially in the hot months, to change the diapers very frequently (use disposable ones) or do without them completely until the chafing disappears.

In such a case, if you want to avoid having to change the bedding constantly and keep the mattress dry, put a plastic cover over the mattress, covered with a light sheet that is easy to wash.

Let's take care of our children a lot.

Thanks for reading my blog. ✿✿

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Written by   55
4 months ago
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