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Prepare children for learning

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4 months ago

Your child's learning begins at the moment of birth when he begins to know the world, his family, his environment, and himself. Growing up is learning to live and in these first years of life its growth depends on how it is stimulated and the love it receives. It will be the best foundation for your future.

The child needs to learn to interpret what happens around him, and for this he requires the development of all his senses in a balanced way: hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste will be the means that will help him to know what the world around him is like so that later he can function safely in it.

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Mastering the body and speech is essential for your development as a person and the maturation of your nervous system. Not only will it allow you to move with agility, but it will also perfectly control the most delicate and complex actions with your hands, such as writing or expression through gestures.

Your child must acquire in his early years some habits of food, hygiene, rest, order, which will accompany him throughout his life. They will help you feel safe in the world with which you will interact and to structure your way of thinking.

Knowing that there are limits and rules to follow is essential so that in the future the child can integrate into society, thus facilitating coexistence. Passing on these rules to you is a sample estimate that will help you throughout your life.

What should we do ? 👦👧

  • Make the most of the time you spend with your child just playing games. All games are moments of learning. Try to make them rich in a variety of stimuli: try to exercise all your senses, be sure to open any of your windows to the world to be able to capture and interpret all the information that comes to you from your environment.

  • Accompany your child in his movements even if he does not know how to perform them, talk to him even if he does not understand him ... It is the richest way to help him in his growth. The maturation of the child's motor skills goes through stages that may be more or less long, but all of them are important because they will help him to know his own body and, with it, himself. Don't be in a hurry, just go with him.

  • Establish very clear guidelines in the activities of your daily routine: schedules for eating, sleeping, etc. And always maintain a logical sequence of actions such as playing and ordering the game before moving on to another, washing your hands before going to eat, etc.

  • Set clear, concrete and reasonable rules. Let your child know them first, and then decide how to act. He should know that not following them has consequences: even if you throw tantrums, stick with it.

Thanks for reading my blog. 🖐🖐💜💜💜

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Written by   55
4 months ago
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Your babies are really beautiful, you love children and their education

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