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Juungle: Interview With The Creator Of Nuggz Token Part II

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5 months ago

In my previous article, we interviewed one of the members of Nuggz Token team, Aaron Financial.

They truly believed in the future of so his team pledged to the flipstarter campaign for Juungle 2.0 They are from Opensea, one of the biggest NFT exchanges and is based in Los Angeles.

A group of talented artists brought together by fate and now they thrive in the Juungle having sold 3 Nuggz token worth 0.1 BCH.

Image Credit: Nuggz team

Creativity is the way humans stand out from the other species in this world. With the rise of technology and digital art, there really is no bounds to where you can take it. We created our characters so that they can be utilized in so many ways, Including games, and apparel. We chose juungle because they are still in their growing phase and stand true to their passion of a fair network with fair fees and a fair system. We have much respect for the developers of the SLP network. Even though it's a challenging process to get the tokens listed.

And now, I would like to introduce another member of Nuggz, Warpath TripleFlamez.


Good day!

As for this interview, it is optional if you want to take part or not for the improvement of Juungle by answering the questions below.

  • Username


  • Token name

Nuggz Token

  • Token ID


  • Tell us more about yourself and your NFT collection. (For the introduction to the readers).

Ivan Nunez born in Oaxaca Mexico to Roselia Olivera, an humble house keeper, who had very little education, but strong work ethics that stood out, settling in Mexico city for a few years, upon her return back, to her hometown is when she met John, her husband to be, me the youngest outa' 3 ,kids came into a world full of chaos and violence, loosing her husband in an event that would change her life. Growing up was not easy. I never under stood why I was always upset , or why we left our house to live with grandma, I found peace and serenity doodling and drawing stick figures on any notebook I got my hands on. Fast forward 15 years, I found myself doing the same thing but only this time it was in the streets of LA, tagging my name WORPS all over . That's how I got so deeply involved into art . Cans and sharpies replaced my books and notebooks , I was never a good student, if anything I hated wasn't until I became part of the CAP program at cal arts . Is there where I was Introduced to graphic design and animation. Been getting by doing logos and t-shirts designs under my company RED EYE GRAPHICS, It wasn't that long ago when I was approached by a mutual friend who mentioned to me the NFT Craze, teaming with my manager april we quickly came up with the idea to tokenize thc strands that's how NUGGZ TOKEN was.born

  • Can you tell us what inspired you the most to start the project?

Inspiration I find it all around, its easy, it really depends on your soul to take a firm grip on it. But mostly it was the idea of NFT'S becoming a part of your everyday life. Meaning, FOREVER , that's what did it for me.

  • What are your goals and what do you want to achieve in your project?

ahh there's so many. I've been working on.But in this project, we have all the right people working every department, me the content creator, I batch up the NFT's help with the WEBSITE AND enjoy creating MARKETING ADDS , then we have Aaron who knows the ecosystem and crypto market , he the money man. then we have april who's pretty much our coordinator, but I like to call her my spiritual advisor.(giggles)we share similar outlooks, Our plans is to help the world , for example "our save the whales campaign " after we do the nuggztoken drop that's what we are gonna be focusing on , maybe this project will help me meet the right people.

  • What is the story behind your collection?

We have a huge plot behind with our nuggz token project, you guys are just gonna have to be patient. and see it layout

  • Why did you focus in your chosen category?

we wanted to create a huge collection , the planets we could of done that but our imagination quickly went south when we started to talk about Uranus .

  • Why did you choose How is it different from other NFT Marketplaces.

well choose us, being so new to this ecosystem choosing a platform to grow with is important , knowing this a long term project

  • What kind of method did you use for minting and creating NFTs?

ahh shit ,,, only Aaron can answer you This question, (Laughing my ass off)

  • What do you think will be the future of

it will only grow bigger , there's a few platforms out there , and we will definitely do our part to not only expand it , but to make it an known emblem in every house. that palm tree is a huge symbol for us Angelinos (L.A)

  • Besides BCH, what other cryptocurrencies do you have in your portfolio?

I HAVE ETHERIUM and recently got my hands on some Fysh n bits .

  • What is your message to all the Juungle and Bitcoin Cash community?

I really like the creative artist , matter of fact I made an add "WELCOME TO THE JUUNGLE " where I used mared warrior /ashwick ordin #6627 /bch girl cyart/and kureha . as promo . (is that allowed)? I hope I don't get into any trouble.

  • Feedback (for


keep doing a good job . and I have a few set of questions can someone email me

  • Suggestions for improvement

maybe add the share button

  • By answering those questions, we would like to know if you want to include all those information before we publish the article with regards to this matter.



  • Do you have a site or social media account for your NFTs? You can include it here so that we can plug it into the article.

Thank you for answering!

Thank you for answering! we really appreciate your participation and cooperation.


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Nuggz Token


The marketplace where you can purchase NFTs:

How to mint NFTs?

Wallet that supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH) NFTs:

Telegram channel:

Please follow the Twitter account of Juungle for more updates.

If you have a question regarding the article please post it in the comment section or you can dm me at Telegram or comment to my

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Written by   142
5 months ago
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Oooh!! Are you going to interview all of the members of the team? I'm excited to get to know each one of them!!

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5 months ago

Haha. It depends if they fill up the form. Aaron financial only do that, he sent it to his team. I wonder how many of them, I think 3. I should ask him.

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5 months ago

Oh my, they are from Opensea. Galing naman, saka ang cool din ng mga arts nila ha. Lovely lovely 🤩

$ 0.05
5 months ago

Ikaw ba bumili? Mmmm sobrang cool talaga kasi, yung mga clients nila eh dinala nila dito sa Juungle. Alam mo naman kapag Opensea, hundreds dollar kung gagastos sa pagbili ng NFTs.

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5 months ago

Grabi, wala akong ganon kalaki na kwarta hueteng. Gustuhin ko man, nagtitipid is me.

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5 months ago

What? Ang dami mong pera, I mean BCH..✌ī¸

Para san ba yang pinag ipunan mo? Dowry?

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5 months ago

Para sa future natin yan, wag ka.

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5 months ago


Salamat.. ikaw na bahala sa future natin.😂

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5 months ago

Surr sure, no problemo 😉

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5 months ago

Hahahahhaha cge..😅

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5 months ago

Hahahahah, cute mo talaga

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5 months ago

Matagal ko nayang alam. 😂✌ī¸

$ 0.00
5 months ago

Ehh di sige ☚ī¸

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5 months ago