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Metaverse Gamification: PhalaWorld

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Metaverse Gamification: PhalaWorld

PhalaWorld is an exciting project. If you love DeFi, Gamification, Metaverse, and Crypto, read this article!

A gamification layer on top of Phala Network

Hello miners, I would like to introduce PhalaWorld which is based on the soulbound NFT technology introduced by Vitalik Buterin.

PhalaWorld (PW) is a Metaverse Gamification Extension based on the Phala Network blockchain.

Phala Network

To briefly introduce PhalaWorld it is necessary to know about Phala Network, it is a parachain on Kusama and Polkadot that intends to build a decentralized cloud computing infrastructure in such a way as to serve as a foundation for dApp development via innovative smart contracts called Phat Contracts. The Phala Network currently boasts over 128,000 vCPUs establishing itself as one of the largest on the Web3. Phala workers run the programs in Secure Enclaves, a privacy technology already embedded into modern processors, enabling versatile and confidential execution.


PhalaWorld is a gamification extension to bring blockchain and Dapp into the metaverse based on Phala Network. The new “Play to Build” concept combines user behavior, characters, communities, and science fiction stories on the Phala blockchain, integrating strategy, development, MMORPG, and other game types.

Phat Contract enables verification and synchronization of data in Soulbound metadata through a script, indexing can include:


- Twitter

- Discord Level.

- Forum performance

- Participating or not participating in a local meeting


- Defi active

- NFT active

- Multi-chain active

By creating a SoulBound NFT system, PhalaWorld mapped on-chain/off-chain activities into the metaverse games. PhalaWorld’s story begins after the first nuclear war. There are 8888 survivors in total, including 4 species (Cyborg, AI-Spectre, Pandroid, X-Gene) and 5 careers.

The team is partnering with RMRK and Bit. Country to develop NFT and Metaverse gaming infrastructure.

Let’s go into depth on what types of NFTs will be available:

Spirit NFT

Spirit NFT represents all on-chain and web2 activities of a member (staking, mining, participation in governance but also discord experience points, GitHub contributions, social influence, etc…) this NFT is not transferable or tradable. Spirit is a non-transferable NFT generated with unique on-chain identities, which are coupled with the decentralized identity protocol My Crypto Profile. Spirit links PhalaWorld to the virtual world via Phat contract, encoding a player’s accruing values based on their on-chain/ off-chain behaviors.

Vitalik Buterin published a Soulbound article and emphasized the concept of “proof of presence” derived from World of Warcraft. Players must engage in certain behaviors to acquire the most powerful soulbound items, rather than purchasing them with money. The PW team shares this soulbound concept and believes that user behavior is a very valuable asset, which can even represent the user in a metaverse. Therefore, in PW they have designed Spirit NFT so that it represents much more of who you are and not just what you can afford.

Shell NFT

Shell NFT represents the in-game character, this NFT is transferable and negotiable. The total amount of Shell NFT is 8888 and there are 3 rarities — Legendary(8), Magic(80), and Prime Edition (8800). Each rarity has its unique accessories and components.

The Shell NFTs are minted on Khala Network (Phala’s canary network which runs as a Kusama parachain). Obtaining a Khala account is essential-it and can only be created through Polkadot.

Here’s a guide on Khala — Don’t worry, no ref links, just instructional stuff:

How to create a Khala account?



Where to get K-PHA?

The project is under construction and will most likely be released in Q4, currently, you can already mint the Spirit NFT via the official website and add data via web2 and web3 accounts such as Twitter, discord, GitHub or metamask, polkadot.js.

PhalaWorld community

The PhalaWorld community is growing, currently, the Twitter account registers more than 6,000 followers, and the discord server has about 3,500 members. The environment is very welcoming and members are enthusiastic about the sneak peeks shared by the team. Useful initiatives have taken place within the discord server to get whitelisted for the Shell NFT mint. All the time, initiatives are held to obtain discord experience points that will go to increase the skills of the NFT Spirit. The invitation is of course open to explore this interesting new experience and get to know the discord community.

Personal Considerations

According to Datareportal’s report, we spend about 7 hours connected to the internet every day, which is over 40% of the time we are awake. Blockchain technology applied to the digital footprint each user leaves on the internet will enable the creation of meritocratic environments. A decentralized tool that can combine these two elements will have a decidedly innovative impact on the quality that the internet and web3 can offer in the future.

I believe that the use of this technology in the gaming field is only the beginning and the creation of scenarios that could go far beyond our imagination.

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