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Puerto Rico has begun removing human rights.

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9 months ago

Puerto Rico has begun removing human rights.

• It's issuing a “Digital Vaccine Passport”. (Enables segregation & discrimination)

• MANDATORY vaccinations for all public and government employees.

• Privately owned businesses (supermarkets, restaurants, stores, airlines, etc.) are recommended to REQUIRE vaccinations & may deny you service unless you show vaccine proof. (Segregation & discrimination)

• MANDATORY vaccines for all students 12 years of age or older, university students, teaching and non-teaching staff. They must present the vaccination card with the series of doses completed. (Children, teenagers and young adults aren't even statistically at-risk)

• $300 fine for any returning flight passenger who isn’t vaxxed and who doesn’t submit a PCR test within 2 days.

• $100 fine for not wearing a mask indoors or outdoors, regardless of vax status.


Look up the new Executive Order # OE-2021-058 of 28 July 2021 here:

(Note that it's only available in Spanish.)

Article referencing Digital Vaccine Passport:

Article stating students over 12 years old must get vaccinated:

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Good writer 🙋🏻‍♂️

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8 months ago

Sadly, the majority of people are okay with forfeiting their freedoms for a false sense of security.

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9 months ago