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3 years ago

Believe it or not, the website is a one man show.

I read the entire post from the creator of and I sympathize with his situation. This is my open letter response and request (as if he needed more requests).

Hello creator of,

You have created something awesome. You are a rare breed-- an individual with the ability not only to develop, but also create a front-end and create something that has viral traction. This is amazing and a one-in-a-million find.

That being said, You clearly need help to run such an expanding and growing platform. You have been trying to manage it mostly yourself, as a one man army.

Not that you are asking for my advice, but if you did, I would say: Please help yourself out and delegate tasks and jobs to others, and use the funding of to pay the help you hire. It is the only model that makes sense. You cannot continue to wear yourself down to the bone, and what you are doing certainly isn't scalable. (you already know that and essentially stated it).

Thank you for what you do, and I hope that by utilizing the generous contributions to, this will enable you to outsource and delegate responsibilities and workload.

You've been sacrificing a lot of your own time and effort to the Bitcoin Cash cause. And this is tremendously commendable. Since selfless giving is what you do best, consider it the next level of giving toward Bitcoin Cash, to delegate and outsource workload, to allow to expand beyond the limitations of what any single man is capable.


UPDATE: The founder replied to this letter, here:

By the way, I promoted in my recent video at timestamp 20:53

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3 years ago


It is important to see this website as a business, and sometimes to add folks help to expand it.

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3 years ago

The original post hit hard, I could so imagine the pain and the problems of the guy. He always answers his emails quickly and has found time to debate implementation issues with me! He rocks.

When I read this I was actually saying out loud: f*ck that! I would not want to be in his shoes, being abused by a guy like micropresident.

Anyone that is better at this may find out which state he is from and help him find good help, interviewing for such a thing is very hard for people like me, I'd suspect the same goes for him.

Anyway, +1 from me on your letter, Colin!

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3 years ago

Read.Cash is a great website!

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3 years ago

hmmm. I'm torn wether or not it's a good idea to fund his new project Would that take to much energy from or would it enable him to gather a team that could do both projects? what do you guys think?, will you be able to continue if mainnet gets funded or are you planning to drop/sell in that case?

how about getting funding/investment for and hiring help as @ColinTalksCrypto suggests? can you manage both projects? can you let go of controlling everything yourself? I suspect things might not be that simple, but can you let us in on your plans/outlook?

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3 years ago

Tagging so he reads it when he's back on here.

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3 years ago