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Why it is easy for you to leave, maybe you doesn't love me

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1 month ago
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I sat on the bench and quietly watch the sun to leave as it began to hide itself in the wilderness. Shades of red, yellow and orange filled the horizon this three colors combined together to make a wonderful scenery which is the sunset. As the sun leave this place lights from different parts of this place emerge.

Have you ever thought the reason why the sun leave or why the sun set? Can't it stay here forever? As I am thinking this question a thought came out.

"It sets because it needs to lighten up the world of others."

Another thought came out.

"No.............(full of uncertainty) maybe the sun leaves or sets because.......he is tired already?

As loneliness filled my heart I don't know what to say or react. My thoughts are like entangled threads, I don't know how to break this loneliness as I still buried myself from the past.

Im sad and thought came out again, "Maybe the sun wanted to stay but it can't because another place needs its light."

"Then why can't it be in both places? For that it can both light them up and no one will be left in sorrow."

I was emotional this moment, when I graduated college I thought it was the happiest moments of my life, yeah? maybe it is? But as I face the true battles in this world I am completely lost. I forgot my purpose as I still cling on the past and continue to rewind it again and again. I want to forget those things and start over, I want to be happy.

"Maybe, the sun set because it is the rule of nature and the universe won't allow the sun to stay in both places."

"I strongly disagree, if it really want to stay, to stay beside me it could have done something. There's a saying, if there's a will there's a way, the sun is full of excuses."

Why not accept the fact the reason why a certain person leave is because he doesn't really want to be here, just tell the truth that the reason why a person leave is because there's no love exist anymore. That's the reality and that's the scariest things I ever thought the first time I meet you. That days and weeks maybe perfect but Im afraid to wake up one day and face the reality that you already fall out of love.

Im trying to console myself as a tears starts to form, I don't want to cry anymore, buried the past, oh come on.

"Everything happens for a reason, maybe the sun sets because he has reasons, he leave me because he has reasons."

"Then what are those reasons, Im willing to listen, why not tell me the truth, I don't know what's the reason why you leave me without words, just like that?

I want to talk to him and know the reasons, but Im afraid as a new moon already take my place.

Im dying inside, all I can do is to depend on myself and look on the positive side. Look on the positive side and start to focus on the things that I love. Have you ever heard a story about entangled threads? Even if it is entangled it can still create a beautiful embroidery. You can fix yourself, believe me.

"Maybe the sun sets because he doesn't want to hurt the inhabitants of this place, he knows staying for long will wither everything here and he doesn't want that to happen. He doesn't want this place to die because he values the moments and memories that you shared."

Why? He leave me because of one reason, staying beside me will not the solution, if you fall out love, just face it make a good decision even if it hurts. Its better to face that reality that cheat and continue to hurt the person that loves you, its better to leave and save those wonderful memories that you shared.

I hope that one day we can find the true enlightenment and be friends again. We are one of those million people whom our fate don't match.

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Written by   39
1 month ago
Topics: Sharing, Writer, Love
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Most saddest thing about dying is that you can't see sunset when you die. I enjoy watching sunset so much. Everyday i go to the balcony of my house and see that dazzling sunrays to fresh my mood😍

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1 month ago

Positivity keeps us moving. And until we bury the past, the future will remain vague

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1 month ago

Im in the stage of moving on, maybe we are not meant to be. Yes it hurts but I realized that its better than to live in an illusion, saving your relationship when it is already one sided is not worth it.

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1 month ago

And this blog got me thinking and bugging my brain likewise. Like could it be true that sun leaves to visit other continent because we are using on sun?

Science will do justice to this question

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1 month ago