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Aftermath: Throw him....I won't, he's my brother

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2 months ago

What's the most admirable characteristics of a person? What are the qualities of a well mannered individuals? Nowadays we need a fully disciplined individuals that will make a difference. When you heard the word discipline what country can you associate in that word?

When I always heard the word disciplined the first country that I can think is Japan. Why? I've seen and read many inspiring stories about Japanese people. Their behavior and loyalty during world war II is the most admiring scenario.

How can we say that you are disciplined? Being disciplined start with ourselves, its not about the degree that you hold, its not about the money that you have, its about tolerance, loyalty and lifelong commitment.

Can you still remember the Earthquake that happened last 2011 in Japan? I watch a lot of news about that tragic events. And all I can see is how the Japanese people respond on it. Though they are afraid but the way they act is the most inspiring scenario. When the government give assistance like relief goods, aids and support they fall in line they do not fight on who will be the first to receive the assistance. And I really admire that actions though it simple we can really tell how disciplined they are.

Aside from that, I really admire their education system. If you're not aware, in Japan children do not have any type of examination until they reach the age of ten. Why? In the first three years of students in school they are taught on how to be a disciplined individuals, how to show respect from fellowmen, elders and nature. They are trained to be responsible citizens. And that's what I admire from them, in this age children will not easily learn the word cheating because of exams and etc.

Aside from that the loyalty and patriotism of Japanese people are really admirable. During World War II my grandmother know the different things that happens in that tragic year, she is very young that time and the way she tell the story to us to her grandchildren makes us realized how chaotic the world war II, she told us how loyal the Japanese people are, when the Americans help the Philippines to suppress the Japanese Empire most captive soldier of Japanese Army chose to die for their country. They never betrayed and show disloyalty to their country.

Though world war II has different impacts in the lives of every people in the world. We can say that this event teach us different lessons in life. When United States bomb the Nagasaki part of Japan, many people died, but their are inspiring stories in that aftermath.

Credits to Joe O'Donnell

The story of a brave boy of Nagasaki. This story was narrated by a US soldier, he said in his story that he saw a boy carrying a baby and base on the situation he can tell that the baby is already dead, he then ask the boy to leave the body but the boy refused and he said "its ok, he's not heavy after all, I will carry him" when the soldier put the baby on the fire to be cremated the boy still stand and watch how he's brother turned into ash. He was bitting he's lower lip so hard and for that you can see the pain of losing someone. After that the boy walked away silently.

And the brave boy of Nagasaki is one of the symbol of Unity in Japan. They believe that camaraderie is the most important things that can uplift someone. If you're family, friends or strangers fall, offer your hand to help them up. If they make mistakes forgive, if the world abandoned your brothers carry them because they are not heavy. They are your family and your friend. After all we are family and we are one.


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Written by   41
2 months ago
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