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SmartBCH Atomic Swap Testing on AtomicDEX

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2 months ago

I'm excited to announce that that now you can start testing SmartBCH atomic swap with hundreds of other coins and tokens like BCH/BTC/LTC/XRG/USDT and many more on AtomicDEX.

Community wanted it, Fernando took the lead, opened an issue and fired a Flipstarter to push it forwarded adding to Komodo's bounty. The result? This 👇

Get the test version with Smart BCH support

⚠️ This is still under development (alpha beta) don't use it with large amounts

This was just released today and I've used this build to do the swap, you can use it but you need Github account to access it.

Thanks to Contributors

Many people have joined the effort to bring this, special thanks to Artem, Milerius and others from Komodo team. To Fernando for pushing for this and monitoring progress. To Kui Wang and SmartBCH team who updated it to fix gas issue and transaction format so the swap was made possible.

Advantages of using AtomicDEX with SmartBCH

  • Keep your keys

  • Exchange with hundreds of coins and tokens including Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum tokens

  • On chain transactions

  • Earn from your

Current limitations

This is still under development (alpha Beta) don't use it with large amounts

  • No sBCH history yet

  • Geo Blocking for US residents, there are other versions without the blocking

  • Wait confirmation time based on chains involved, 10 min if you do transactions with BCH/sBCH, Few seconds if you do Binance Smart Chain with SmartBCH

  • Only main token sBCH is available currently, no SmartBCH tokens was added yet

  • You have to be online during the swap, don't close your wallet. Also you have to have the wallet open if you want to provide liquidity.

  • If swap fails you have to wait for few hours for token coins release from the swap lock, Never heard anyone lost anything. It just takes some time.

  • Like any Ethereum based network, you have to have a little amount of that coin to pay for swap gas before you can buy. so apparently it's not your first hop for acquiring.

How to use AtomicDEX

Here are some videos but using other coins.

Just enable SmartBCH and the other pair you want. Then go to the DEX section and chose Pro from the top left.


If you need support using the wallet join AtomicDEX support channel on: (Most Active)

AtomicDEX Telegram Group @atomicDEX

Update: added details about Geo blocking for US residents

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Written by   49
2 months ago
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