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Sell any SLP Token using Telegram Bot Flipstarter

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6 months ago

Ever wanted to list your token for sale, just to find it difficult to get on exchanges?
Out of need I've started to learn Python programming and I was able to build a bot that could sell you an SLP token for BCH. A demo for it is available here:

Telegram Bot:



When the campaign get funded I'll release the code in one week after adding more comments and some cleanup. I'll publish instruction on how to install it an use it on your own.

From the flipstarter

Have you had an simple token idea that you didn't know where to sell it? Where you pushed by 3rd party providers that collected high fees and put too many requirements? The Telegram bot offers you an easy way to offer your SLP token for BCH.

SLP Sell Bot features

  • Sell an SLP token for BCH

  • Manually specify price source

  • Ability to set profit percentage on external price

  • Use watch only wallet for BCH reciving for security

  • One address per transaction (no address reuse)

  • Store transaction data in SQL database

  • Basic error handling


Being in BCH community for almost two years now, watching all the awesome development work being done by great minds. The challenge that peer to peers system brings to the current rulers of the financial system was so inspiring. Using this bot someone can sell food baskets to help poor families, plant trees or tickets to an event very easy. I wasn't a programmer before I learn about BCH, wanting to contribute and seeing the opportunity that programming money could bring helped me make my mind.


This bot utilize the Electron Cash SLP wallet. It's maybe the most stable SLP wallet around. Hopefully by building on it, will make the experience smooth for users. Few various APIs are used to get BCH and SLP token price.

Using the bot for selling valuable tokens could be of a high risk as it depends on a wallet hosted on a publicly accessed server.

Testing the Bot

You can test the beta version of the bot on this link, currently I've set it to sell the real 🤡 Honk token.

  • ⚠️ This bot is still under development use it at your own risk

    When to release the code

    I'm planning to release the code after one week max from getting funded. The code is almost ready but it needs clean up and more commenting. Code will be released under the open source AGPL v3 license.

I'm using this lib (if I can call it one ) that I've created for use in the bot.


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6 months ago
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