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Komodo welcomes SLP token support on their awesome Atomic DEX

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1 year ago

Komodo's senior software developer Artem Pikulin have announced a bounty to check the possibility of implementing SLP tokens on the awesome AtomicDEX.

AomicDEX is still beta but the team already welcomed a community effort to add support for SLP tokens, Apparently they noticed how important SLP support would be for the users and the atomic swap in general, Specially with high fees on the Etherum network.

SLP Tokens

SLP (Simple Ledger Tokens) are tokens built on top of the Bitcoin Cash. They are easy and cheap to create. You can Mint tokens and burn them easily. not too long ago Tether have minted USDT on the BCH network.


AtomicDEX is a decentralized exchange that utilize atomic swap to handle cross chain coin exchange. It has nicely designed wallet for mobile and desktop. It support major crypto currencies like BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, Dash and many others. It also have support for major ERC20 tokens like USDC, BAT, TUSD, BUSD, DAI but recently they added possibility to swap between any standard ERC20 tokens.

The bounty (now around $1000)

I've been insistently talking on Komodo and SLP channels in effort to bring these two great project together, the response came from Komodo's development team announcing a 1000 KMD bounty for "HTLC proof of concept for SLP on Rust". HTLC is shortcut for Hash Time Locked Contracts, which is used in atomic swap technologies. The proof of concept will open the way for full SLP support on the AtomicDEX API and wallets. This is a first step in having a full support.

Donation to my marketing efforts

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BCH developer Corentin Mercier @merc1er have pledged to add $560 worth of BCH to the bounty

$ 2.62
$ 1.10 from @tula_s
$ 1.00 from @im_uname
$ 0.52 from @TheRandomRewarder
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Written by   45
1 year ago
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