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Badger wallet for android have been updated to fix balance issue

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6 months ago

@VinArmani has updated the Badger wallet android version to fix the balance issue.

Disappearing Token Balances

Users were complaining about disappearing token balances that was caused by faulty API and other related services.

Vin have released today (29 May 2021) version 1.12.2 with the API fix.

Planned Upgrades

Vin has also informed me that regular updates will be planned to improve the wallet, including migrating to a faster and more reliable BCHD based API and the implementing of the localization update which was financed by a community flipstarter earlier this year.

Badger mobile for android have been updated, what about iOS and browser extension?

Transfer of the ownership of the wallet from to Vin have not been completed for iOS version.

I've learned from the previous dev that the code for Mobile wallet was rewritten and enhanced, not sure if Vin would be interested in maintaining the browser extension too.

hopefully more great news to come 🎉

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6 months ago
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now which API using by Badger wallet ??

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6 months ago