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Adoption Outreach Ideas for Open Source Projects

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1 year ago

Today I got a news feed through my open source email client and it was about a new version of an open source software called "krita" which honestly I've never heard about it before.

I was interested to find more about it so I visited their website, on their homepage was this big blue Donate now button. I clicked on it wondering if they accept crypto currency donations but they don't.

Enroll them

From my experience with Aurora Store - OS alternative for Google Play - I knew that a simple request may get a project to show that nice crypto currency donate option on one of their pages. So why we don't form a team to invite, arrange and share ideas about adoption?

IMO we need:

  • People to check and suggest projects.

  • People to write to contact project and maybe write nice templates.

  • People who are ready to make an initial donation to encourage the project.

  • People to publish new adoption news to get more donations from the community .

  • A system to monitor donation addresses so they don't run out of crypto currency donations

  • Telegram group for coordination

I've just got this idea few minutes ago and I thought it might be useful as many of open source projects are more likely to be open to the open nature of Bitcoin (legacy/BCH) and having them showing crypto currency donation option will increase the public interest in crypto between the said project supporters and in general in my opinion.

It's not a one man job and this need a cooperation so we share our free time to do something useful thing to the community.

UPDATE: There is a group on telegram for merchant adoption that could be a good start

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Written by   48
1 year ago
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Great ideas! I hope the BCH community can put together a team like this.

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1 year ago