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The day is approaching, workshop on Read.Cash and BCH

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7 months ago

A few days ago, weeks ago, I wrote some articles where I mentioned that I wanted, like other groups, to promote our platform, in my city, community,, because the day has arrived the most awaited day for me, Saturday October 10.

To make it a little more formal and have the security of the people who would attend this first meeting held by me, I have made a list of the participants, of which I have 15 people, women and men aged between 18 years to 47 years old.

The main topics to be developed would be:

Read.Cash, what is it? use and its function?

Bitcoin Cash, what? use and function? (Wallet)

This in order to attract new users, and establish the adoption of Bitcoin Cash as a form of payment.

The organizational part of the workshop in terms of content and celebration (chairs and tables) is concerned, we have it ready. I would love to have the necessary resources to offer a snack, and a toast to the start of this new stage that I am about to begin thanks to and Bitcoin Cash.

Although it is within your possibilities and it is your pleasure to support me in my work. Well I'll be grateful. Working together we will be able to be many more. When you want to succeed, you need commitment and responsibility, fundamental values ​​to get ahead day by day.

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Written by   41
7 months ago
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