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Nobody is Better Than John Wick?

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2 months ago
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Why someone tries to mock his own successful series? What's purpose behind it ? Maybe he wanted to show some different reimagined possibilities of the same story or maybe he wanted to put his character in a different scenario that what if Wick had a family and he was somewhat older having boring job in a messed up life.

We know this is not a new story. This picture seems like a clone to the John Wick's picture with a different story. Although we didn't see depth in Hutch Mansell's character as we have seen in John Wick's character but Nobody is surely a good popcorn entertainer movie.

Hutch Mansell who is bored of his life but don't want to share his problems with his family. What can someone do if he has wife like Hippolyta. By the way a twist comes when his daughter lose her kitty kat bracelet. Lets begin. That's what it starts. Kill a doggie, steal a kitty kat bracelet or just tore someone's watch into pieces.

Mr. Nobody's history is dangerous that's why whenever someone realize they just quit their job, shop, home or office. But building this much hype the interesting thing is its action because its an older normal looking man doing something that shows his past. This is not a Taken or Jason Bourne like story of an extraordinary man but a normal human with extraordinary past. This is not like John Wick too as Wick seems like a Superhuman but Hutch Mansell is a normal human who feels pain too. Hutch seems like a vulnerable and struggling character more than the John Wick.

If we talk about John Wick, he always avoid fight as much as possible until or unless its about a revenge. On the other hand Hutch is always in search of chaos. In the bus he was so frustrated that he wanted to fight.

Screenshot 01

He got beaten as well but he gets relief after beating that guys.

If I have to point out this movie's weakness then it will be its villain. Villain feels so weak infront of Nobody. He tries to intimidate environment with his power and presence but seems like a dumbass due to his actions. He is running a huge business with a weird presence of mind and that is dealing everyone with the same technique. Bullet is not the solution to every problem you dumbass. Other than this character every character is perfect. Anyways I have completely forgotten about Christopher Lloyd. He is doing older age characters since 1985. I was shocked to see him alive with the same charm. He still can do a Hero like entry with the gun.

Anyways, this movie's universe, reality or story is not so detailed yet. John Wick's universe started expanding after the second part. But in Nobody whenever we get some information people start frightening and then comes action... action... and action.. and that's good. Action choreography of this movie is superb. Specially Harry's triple headshot, I loved it. Wearhouse action sequences reminds me of Rambo movie. Hutch Mansell uses same techniques like traps and tricks in the climax. But actions OMG. It feels realistic. While John Wick is a superhero, Hutch Mansell is a normal human who feels pain and tired too. Seems like he is feeling trouble. We can feel his pain though.

This character looks struggling and frustrated in the fight and this is the thing you wouldn't see in any other action thriller movie. You wouldn't see Keanu Reeves and Jason Statham struggling while fighting. This thing makes it unique. Its action choreography seems realistic. If someone comes to your house for killing, you will use everything possible to defend, whether it is a pan or kettle. You probably fall too. Whenever John Wick or Mr. Smith falls, they look cool but when Nobody falls it looks normal. This is what it makes realistic.


Overall, whatever the story is, it entertain you with its action, humor and scenario. Being first part of the series it not seems serious. Director showed possibility of its crossover with John Wick series. Tone and stage of both series is similar. What do you think? Personally I would love to watch a crossover.

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Written by   109
2 months ago
Topics: Movie, Free write, Review
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