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How and BCH made my dream come true.

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2 months ago

I am so happy and excited to write this article as BCH made my dream come true. I am a Cinema Geek, love watching movies and web series. That's why I chose my username as @Cineholic and started writing on cinema, movies, web series, cartoons and anime. With the earning of and I purchased a Brand New Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (SM-T500). Which will enhance my watching experience as well as my art work illustrations. But before telling you that how I managed to get my favorite tablet to consume more cinema experience and knowledge, I want to tell you about my journey.

How It Started

One of my friend told me about a facebook like website who pays for just posting. That website was We all friends started posting on to earn some BCH. Although I knew about cryptocurrency a little bit but I was completely a newbie. All I knew about cryptocurrency was about Bitcoin and Ethereum. But when I started posting on which pay you in BCH I started reading about cryptocurrency too.

Anyways, in the beginning we all friends started shit posting. All we do was just copy something from different platforms and paste on With the time I realized that this platform is not about what we were doing here. So I started creating quality content. As I am an artist, Illustrator, Cartoon Creator and a struggling new youtuber, I started posting my art work illustrations. I do sketching also but rarely. Let me show you some of my sketches.

Sketch of Keanu Reeves
Sketch of Gal Gadot a.k.a Wonder Woman

I left sketching now a days because it takes a whole day and sometimes two days to sketch a single portrait. I started illustrating celebrities because it takes only 4 to 5 hours to illustrate a portrait. Some of my favorite illustrations are

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker

Did you notice I only draw and illustrate movie stars? That's how much I watch movies and series. 😂 Lol. If you want to see my all art work you can follow me on too


Anyways, I earned almost $50 dollars in 2 months from I know this is small amount which can be earned from, this is because I do a single post per day as I can only illustrate single portrait per day.

One-day while surfing I came to a post from @leejhen where she posted her article's link. I completely forget what the article was about but her link led me here at I read different articles for seven days then I decided to write. By the way @leejhen is a very meritorious writer. Check her profile too.

Choosing Topics To Write

Most of the members are writing on Bitcoin Cash or other Crypto related stuff. I was confused to write as I was newbie in crypto world. So I decided to write about the things I like i.e Cinema. By the way I am still newbie in crypto, a noob to be exact as I lost almost 50 dollars by investing in shit coins. Will write a separate article on my crypto experience.


I started earning from my very first article. My first article was:

Importance Of Woman In Superhero Movies

My first article got a tip of 2.14$ from the Rusty a.k.a @TheRandomRewarder which made me happier than ever because it took me 3 days to make very first 1$ in

In the beginning I wrote one article per week for 3 consecutive sundays. Then I decided to write daily. Although it needs a lot of research and knowledge but managed to write daily. With the time, I started enjoying blogging. So now a days I write without thinking about reward. Only I worry about is reach. Need more reach.

I always wanted to start a youtube channel where I can share my thoughts about the movies and series. But gaining the subscribers in youtube is so much difficult. So made me express my feeling here by writing. My three top tipped articles are:

Deadpool is Mentally Disabled and no one knows about it 12.79$

Falling in Love with Fictional Character 9.35$

No Villains In Movies. But why? 7.05$

My all friends used to change BCH into fiat money. I never converted my BCH. I became a hodler from the beginning. I started when BCH was at 381$. And Fortunately I didn't know how to change BCH into USDT until I read this article from @leejhen Complete Guide: Using wallet . Otherwise I would changed my BCH to Tether when BCH got his all time high at about 773$ or something. But as I didn't know how to swap so I continue hodling. BCH crashed to almost 407$ again. Felt discouraged but managed to write more.

I earned almost 50$ from and almost 80$ from Almost 130$ earned rose to almost 215$ as BCH roared again gaining the all time high at 1219$. This time I swapped it with Tether. Some of them I converted into fiat money and some of them I used to buy BCH again when it was down to 712$ last week.

Reason To Convert BCH into Fiat Money

I cashed out almost 150$ which is almost 24000PKR in fiat money. But why I converted it? Actually I desperately need a tablet to increase my productivity. As I am an artist and I have shown you some of my recent art work illustration. I did all that illustrations on my mobile using fingers to draw in an application called Infinite Design.

Secondly my mobile doesn't have DRM L1 certificate. Which means my mobile doesn't support online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon prime, HBO max and Disney+. As being an movie lover I never supported piracy. I always go to cinema to watch movies. But in these Corona days with having lockdowns, all movies are being aired on online streaming services.

So desperately need to upgrade my phone. So hit a idea that instead upgrading my phone why not I just purchase a Tab which will solve my both problems.

  1. Tab will have stylus so I don't need to draw with fingers anymore. Better quality content I can produce using Adobe Illustrator. Plus I can start doing commission art works.

  2. Tab will have google's DRM L1 certificate which is necessary for every device to play online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon prime, HBO max and Disney+.

So by purchasing a tablet my both problems will be solved.


So with the 150$ I cashed out I purchased the Brand New Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (SM-T500). The long awaited dream come true. Here are some pictures of my new tablet.

This tablet is having 3GB Ram and 32GB Rom which is enough for me to do my tasks.

Future Goals

To be honest, I have no future goals other than having at least 1 BCH. No desire of any materialistic things in near future. So from now on only hodling. More hodl means more profit. So continue to hodl my remaining BCH and will try to reach at least 1 BCH as soon as possible.

Special Thanks

Special Thanks to the and and to the ones who fund these websites. Special Thanks to my sponsors @CryptoMax and @scottcbusiness

Closing Thoughts

I will write more on, daily. And everyone out there maybe this story of mine seems not a success story to you but for me its a success for me.

Thanks for reading my article. And if you like my article then


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Written by   115
2 months ago
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I see that you got what you wanted, in my case I have an old phone already around one year old, but I will not upgrade until it dies on its own or the battery inflates, I did the same with my old phone too, I used to have a moto g5 plus that it lasted me around 3 years until the battery when out and I got another one under $100. I use an old laptop to type my articles and I don't need a new computer for writing but I was also uploading dome videos into Youtube and my old laptop takes some time to create videos, I think I may upgrade my PC in the future, my youtube channel hasn't been a hit yet and since it is only audio not video people seem to not like that. I am not willing to show my face on youtube just yet so my content will suffer because of it. yeap I use a thinkpad t400 a $50 computer pretty much. so you have a better gadget than me put it to good use and produce more content with it.

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2 months ago

It was so emergetic and motivated me for give something better to

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2 months ago

Keep writing quality content ☺️

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2 months ago