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Befitting reply to a BCH Hater.

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1 month ago

I don't know why BTC maximalist hate BCH so much? Maybe they are afraid of BCH popularity and its acceptance all over the world. Whatever the reason is but they are so jealous of BCH. Bitcoin Cash is going to flip Ethereum in near future and maybe BTC too. Well... I want to ask something.. If BCH flip BTC in value and market cap will BTC call an alt coin ? Before telling you what I have faced on twitter, I want to tell you what I think about BCH.

What I Think about BCH

With less than three years in crypto market, Bitcoin Cash has continuously proved its great investment potential for traders as well as for investors. Bitcoin Cash is predicted to keep skyrocketing over the next couple of years. Bitcoin Cash boasts larger block size which results in faster transfers and lower transaction fees compared to BTC. Due to this difference is I think Bitcoin cash is a digital cash while the old Bitcoin is typically associated with the so called term digital gold. Bitcoin Cash was born of the idea of making bitcoin more digital practical cryptocurrency for day to day transactions.

In 2017 bitcoin transaction taking more than three days to go through unless one was willing to pay a significant fee. The bitcoin community then agreed that the transaction charges were too high for the little transactions and so a hard fork had to be implemented. So a more reliable Bitcoin was created called Bitcoin Cash.

BCH Price Prediction

Bitcoin Cash relies on a wide array of complex system that range from game theory and economics to computer science, cryptography and advance mathematics. From a huge amount of research put into applied cryptography, tons of thousands of engineers updating code and always undergoing a rapid revolutionary process. BCH keeps a evolving technology which means its price will never go down again. Its ATH was $4355 about three years ago. And my guess is by the end of 2021 its price will hit $4000 and at the end of 2022 it will hit almost $7500.

BCH is changing lives. BCH made my life better. If you want to know how read this article:

How BCH and Read.Cash made my dream come true.

You will know how BCH made people's life a better one.

A BCH Hater On Twitter

Anyways, there is a twitter id named "Young and Investing". He tweeted something which triggered me. He said:

After reading his tweet I really wanted to say something to him but I managed to control myself as BCH community never abuse anyone. Although I got frustrated but I replied him calmly. I replied him multiple times. First I replied:

If you think $bch is garbage then you must really think Bitcoin is trash. Bitcoin cash is accepted as payment in over 4,000 locations. That's right accepted as payment, what Bitcoin was supposed to do but never achieved. But by all means, miss out on the gains.

Then I replied him:

BCH Scales On-Chain.

BCH Doesn't Have Segwit.

BCH is Usable.

BCH has Low fees.

BCH is Bitcoin.

Not only this but I shared one of the @CryptoMax 's article link


But he never replied again although he read my all comments. I think the price of BCH in near future will shut their mouths automatically. It will hit $4000 till the end of this year. And ofcours will cross Ethereum and BTC as well.

Special Thanks to my sponsors

@CryptoMax and @scottcbusiness

If you are a newbie in crypto world then you should read this article of mine for better understanding of basic terms use in Crypto World.

Some Basic Terms Of Crypto for Newbies, Explained.

Thanks for reading.

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Written by   53
1 month ago
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I do believe that many of the bitcoin maxis will wet their pants once they see fiat ATH reach again, the rich people like Elan Musk, susan, Micro S ceo will dump their BTC holdings once they realize their propaganda campaign and censorship doesn't work any longer. Believe me BCH fiat ATH will be something to see, many headless chickens will be running around going crazy because they will not know what to do if sell their BTC or hold to see BCH take first place.

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1 month ago

Your prediction goes right.

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1 month ago

I guess I will have to switch from writer to prophet

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1 month ago


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1 month ago

BTC was also used as a payment before, years ago. Even big companies like Steam accepted it.

Then the project was subverted into something that no longer works as p2p cash.

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1 month ago

Yes you are right.

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1 month ago