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10 Mind Blowing Facts about Deadpool!

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Deadpool is a character every one love watching. If you too like his dirty jokes, super action, the way he breaks 4th wall and think that he is a superhero then let me tell you that he is although super but not a hero. He is an antihero of Marvel Cinematic Universe. In just 2 movies he got record breaking popularity. The guy who literally talks to you through camera breaking the 4th wall. One of the most successful R-rated superhero comic book movie Deadpool is now famous world wide due to fun, action and fantabulous acting by Ryan Reynolds. So today we are going to know 10 amazing, mind blowing and awesome The Deadpool movie facts.

Fact# 10 Creation Of Deadpool

As you know Deadpool is famous character of Marvel Comics which was appeared in Marvel's comics New Mutant issue 98 first. Deadpool was created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza. Rob Liefeld was a comic book fan since his childhood and his favorite comic book team was Teen Titans from DC. He created Deadpool as a parody of his favorite Teen Titans' villain Deathstroke. So Deadpool was made as a parody of Deathstroke. In comics Deathstroke's name is Slade Wilson and Deadpool which is parody of Deathstroke has name Wade Wilson.

Although Deadpool was created as a parody of Deathstroke but his looks and abilities was inspired by Spiderman, Wolverine and G. I. Joe. The bitter truth of today is where Deadpool is famous worldwide but his source Inspiration (Deathstroke) never had a single scene in any DC movie.

Fact# 09 Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds didn't know about Deadpool until 2004's comic Cable vs Deadpool issue #2. In 2004' Cable vs Deadpool comic, Deadpool himself compared his looks with Ryan Reynolds.

This thing attracted Ryan Reynolds too. So Ryan Reynolds started reading about Deadpool too. Finally he decided to make a movie on Deadpool. He went to Marvel Studios to talk about it but there he came to know that Deadpool's Rights was sold to fox. He went to Fox studio too. After seeing the enthusiasm of Ryan Reynolds, Fox decided to feature Deadpool's alter ego Wade Wilson in 2009's movie X-men Origins Wolverine. But due to bad direction and storyline they spoiled this character.

Later on Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were hired to write a story for Deadpool's solo movie. Ryan Reynolds helped the both script writers to write the story. To convince Fox Studio, Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller recorded a CGI test footage of Deadpool. When Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern in 2011 got floped then Fox Studios wrapped the idea of Deadpool too.

Later on, in 2014 someone leaked that CGI test footage of Deadpool with Ryan Reynolds voice to internet. People like that footage so much that Fox decided to make this movie again.

Fact# 08 MakeUp For Wade Wilson

Initially in Deadpool it took 4 hours of makeup to turn Ryan Reynolds into Wade Wilson where they use heavy makeup and prosthetics.


According to Ryan Reynolds this experience is as similar as sticking hot diapers on his face. (By the way, how Ryan Reynolds can say these experiences same such accurately? 😂 Lol.)

Anyways, later on in Deadpool 2 they reduced this to 2 hours of makeup.

Fact# 07 Deadpool's Girlfriend Vanessa

In comic book, Deadpool's girlfriend Vanessa is a mutant. Her ability is shape shifting. She is also known as Copycat in the comics. She disguise herself in the shape of Domino for a long time.

The character Vanessa was played by Morena Baccarin. Before Morena many actresses gave audition for the character of Vanessa. Actress Olivia Munn was first given this character but Olivia left this character to play her favorite character in X-men movies.

Fact# 06 Colossus

Fox made Deadpool's stand alone movie for one condition and that is Deadpool should be in X-men universe. That's why they decided to show x-men's famous character Colossus in Deadpool's movie.

It was so difficult for studio to create Colossus. So Colossus was created by using both CGI as well as practical effects. They used 5 actors for the Colossus. They used 7 feet tall Andre Tricoteux for the reference of Colossus on the set. T J Storm gave motion capture to Colossus. Glenn Ennis' facial features was used for Colossus face. Greg Lassale gave facial motion capture for Colossus and Stefan Kapicic gave his voice to Colossus.

Fact# 05 Costume

Originally Deadpool's suit was made buff and inside that buff they made an extra layer of muscles. But as Ryan Reynolds developed a lean muscular body for this character so that buff suit was very tight and made Ryan uncomfortable.

So director Tim Miller decided that Deadpool should look realistic. That's why they removed extra muscle layer from his suit and made it tight fit for Ryan Reynolds.

Fact# 04 Kind Hearted Ryan Reynolds

Although Deadpool is an R-rated and violent character but Ryan Reynolds himself is a kind hearted man. Whenever he gets the time he goes with his costume on to meet the kids struggling in terminal illness.

Through "Make A Wish" foundation, a boy wished to be on the special screening for Deadpool. But the boy's condition got serious before special screening. So Ryan Reynolds went to that kid and watched Deadpool with him. Unfortunately the kid died after 4 months of the release of Deadpool.

Fact# 03 Secret Cameos in Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 has some secret cameos too. For example when Cable enters in Deadpool's timeline we saw two men talking to each others. They are actually actors Matt Damon and Alan Tudyk. Later on we have seen Brad Pitt as Vanisher. Brad Pitt was approached to play Cable but he didn't accept that role as he was busy in other projects. However director made him agree for a cameo. Brad Pitt demanded only a Starbucks' coffee for playing vanisher which was completed by Ryan Reynolds himself.

Fact# 02 Death On The Set

Although there are amazing action sequences in Deadpool 2 but sometimes practicing these sequences results in major accidents. During shooting for Deadpool 2 Jazzy Beats' stunt double Joi S J Harris met an accident.

As Jazzy Beats' character dont wears helmet in movie so Joi had to drive without helmet. Due to some losing control over motorcycle Joi crashed with a building's glass and died.

Joi was first African American Road Racer and stunt woman. This was her first movie as a stunt double.

Fact# 01 Achievements

Deadpool is famous as well as successful movie. 2016's Deadpool earned the total of $783 millions on a budget of $58 millions. Which made it most earning X-men movie and most earning R-rated superhero movie of that time. Also it became the first Superhero movie which was nominated for Best Picture in the Golden Globes Award. Ryan Reynolds was nominated for Best Actor.

Deadpool 2 earned a total of $785 millions on a budget of $110 millions. It broke the record of his previous movie and became the first R-rated most earned movie until 2019's Joker. Although Deadpool 2 was entertaining and enjoyable but it didn't win any awards or nominations.

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Written by   115
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Topics: Movie, Web series, Review
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