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10 Interesting "Army Of The Dead" movie facts.

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Zombies who use to carry their rotten bodies with mindless head and bite people to make them zombies too. At least we knew that till "Army Of The Dead" movie. But Zack Snyder just redefined zombies in all aspects in Army Of The Dead movie. What else is more dangerous than a fast zombie having mind to think. 😱 After the Zack Snyder's Justice League, Netflix give us another blockbuster movie with full of action and intelligent zombies. Army Of The Dead has amazing behind the scene facts which will give you extra entertainment if you have watched the movie. So, here we go:

Fact# 10 Journey Of A.O.T.D

Army Of The Dead, movie project started in 2007 when Zack Snyder started writing it's script draft after his another successful zombie movie "Dawn Of The Dead". In 2007, Warner Bros announced to make A.O.T.D movie but later on the movie got cancelled due to early production estimate. Later on, Legendary Picture took this project to make a movie but they too cancelled it due to same reasons. As movie needed a lot of budget for Vegas set and filming, WB sold the rights of movie to Netflix. And finally in 2019, Netflix accuired the rights and granted $90 million dollars for production.

Fact# 09 Casting Dave Bautista

Initially when Zack offered Dave Bautista the role of Scott Ward, he refused to act in the picture as he want to do a character driven role. But when Zack insisted him to read the script of the movie then Dave accepted his offer after reading the script. Dave Bautista was excited to play Scott Ward due to character's dynamics and the relation with his daughter. And the time came when Dave Bautista rejected a role in Suicide Squad 2 for A.O.T.D.

Fact# 08 Unique Camera Lenses

In A.O.T.D, Zack Snyder adopted new technique to film with old camera lense. The scenes in which you saw bouquet effect (blur background), that specific scenes were shot by 60's Canon camera lense. Zack Snyder found this Canon Dream Lens made in 60's on eBay after 2 years of long search. Due to thin depth of field of this lens they were able to apply blur effect quickly. This lens was basically used on RED MONSTRO cameras which can shot 8K.

Fact# 07 Training Camp

For the movie, main lead cast was given a zombie boot camp training to handle and use weapons, for a week.

Matthias Schweighöfer

Matthias Schweighöfer in real life is an expert of guns and weapons but his character in the movie is a immature in guns so he was given a training to handle guns immature.

Fact# 06 Area 51

The beginning scene when some soldiers were carrying Zeus to the area 51, it took almost 5 weeks to shot that particular scene. Zack Snyder wanted that scenes to picturize in natural lighting while the area have that specific natural lighting just for few minutes a day. That's why it took so long to picturize that scene.

Fact# 05 Las Vegas

Zack Snyder chooses Las Vegas to show in this movie because he wanted to show greed and lust of people which usually Vegas has in it. By the way, Vegas we have seen in the movie was a real challenge for Zack. As in real Vegas, it is impossible to picturize these types of scene so Albuquerque's many studios were used for outdoor Vegas scenes. Apart from some practical elements, they used 3D scanning of Vegas to creat a real view. It took 12 days to scan the whole Vegas strip. Then many VFX artists and special effects artists gave it a deformed look highlighting some monumental places.

Fact# 04 Shamblers

For Shamblers (normal minor zombies) 150+ extras were cast and 35 makeup artist were hired who use to prepare them in 6.5 hours. When they need more zombies they used to create them digitally. For that purpose they used more than 8000 digital zombies. They were animated through motion capture technology.

Fact# 03 Alpha Zombies

Let's talk about alpha zombies. The main king alpha zombie "Zeus" was played by american actor and stunt performer Richard Cetrone. He worked with Zack Snyder before too. In DC he is stunt double of Ben Affleck's Batman. Queen zombie was played by american actress, stunt performer and dancer Athena Perample. She was stunt double for Kathryn Hahn and Kat Dennings in Wandavision. They used to sit 2 to 2.5 hours on makeup chair. Some other low rank alpha zombies were also shown in the movie which were played by some stunt doubles or martial art athletes. The head of queen was just an animatronic puppet which was handled by two people.

Fact# 02 Zombie Animals

Other than alpha and Shamblers, Zack showed us animal zombies too. Interestingly the horse zombie used in movie was not a digital effect but a real one.

Horse Of Zeus

Don't worry, no animal was harmed during filming. For the horse they made a special zipper zombie suit. So the look was made practically. On the other hand the tiger zombie (Valentine) was completely digital. The Valentine was an inspiration of a white tiger named Sapphire.


Fact# 01 Its A Universe

That's correct, its not a single movie but a universe which is ready to explode. After the movie Army Of The Dead, an other movie of this universe called "Army of Thieves" is coming. Army Of The Thieves, is directed by Matthias Schweighöfer and co written by Zack Snyder is a prequel to A.O.T.D. This movie wrapped filming in December 2020.

After the "Army Of The Thieves" another prequel to A.O.T.D is coming called "Army Of The Dead: Lost Vegas". But it will be an animated movie with same cast giving voice to their characters. This movie will be on Scott Ward and his team who fought with zombies before Las Vegas being an quarantined.

After that, ofcours will come another movie, a sequel to A.O.T.D called "Army Of The Dead 2" Zack Snyder hinted its sequel as soon as possible.

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Written by   109
1 month ago
Topics: Facts, Movie, Series, Review
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I saw the trailer of this. But I haven't seen it yet. The trailer already piqued my interest, now I am more interested after reading this.

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This movie is really worth watching if you are a zombie movie fan 🙂😉

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Haven't tried that movie yet, but it sound cool, should I try it 🤔

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Yes! It is indeed a popcorn entertainer movie. ❤️

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