Introduce myself! My passions and loves of life!

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2 years ago

Hello everyone! I am Christina from Greece, Thessaloniki!

Ξ™ am Passionate about making life better (mine as well as others'), Music & Art, Travelling, Technology & staying in equilibrium between it and real life/ nature!

Job related, I am a freelancer Web Developer, studying Digital Marketing & Blockchain (getting prepared to make those two my primary freelancing activities) and a Bass Guitar Player in an Alternative Metal Band (find the 🎢 to learn more) !

I have started a page on FB and plan on making a website called A Better Life !

My vision and focus for it is mostly on helping people finding their own inner voice regarding their dreams, life visions & goals and on providing them with ideas/ solutions on how to accomplish them easier (financially, educationally, regarding tools - products & services etc)! It will be a continuously evolving project and maybe later more people can get involved and help too, actually on the long term it's pretty ambitious! 😺

I also love learning languages and plan to become a polyglot eventually! My starting ones except Greek (my mother tongue) and English are Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian & Indonesian. I am not fluent yet in any of them, as I am learning online and at my own pace, but I can already understand some things in reading and write not challenging texts/ chats!

My content/ work is about Photography, Music, Digital Marketing, Blockchain Technology, Rewarding apps, Earning solutions on the InternetΒ (find the πŸ’Ž to learn more) & Living Better! I am preparing my own website & brand on the matter of living better as a fact! 😺

My creative process: Mostly spontaneous, I take photos all the time and love sharing them! As for guides/ tutorials/ articles I usually analyze what I want to share and try to make it as understandable and profitable for others to join in. Always happy to answer to questions and support people with the things that I suggest!

I love cats, dogs and most of the animals! Me and my brother have recently adopted a cute and lovely Tortoiseshell cat from our neighborhood, Tourtoua! 😺

I will eventually share more things about myself through my articles and I would love to read and learn more about you! Drop me a comment here and in my other posts to come, so that we can get to know each other and communicate!


Betty The Raccoon (The band that I play the bass guitar in)!

YouTube Channel



Facebook Page




My "Earning through The Internet" Series:

Invitation to Join Hive, A thorough Guide Vol I and A Welcome - my "Earning through The Internet" Leo Series | EN

UHive Social Universe - Invitation & Introduction - my "Earning through The Internet" Leo Series

Invitation to Tsū - Wonderful & Paying Social Media😺- my "Earning through The Internet" Leo Series | EN






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2 years ago


Hey Christina. Good luck with your music. I will catch up with you on Torum and other sites. Will be nice to connect and keep sharing things that can help us all evolve collectively.

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2 years ago

Hello @EverythingBlockchain and apologies for the somewhat late answer! Thank you very much, also wishes for the best in every aspect! 🌞

Up until now I am not really active on Torum because when I registered I had very little understanding of it and very few things to talk about blockchain technologies and crypto, but it is on the program for the next days to get started again there too! 😺 Is your profile name the same there?

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2 years ago

I love the work you do and I just heard the band you play in, I think you do a magnificent job and it is really an honor for me to meet you!I sent you a friend request on Facebook I hope you accept it!.

The truth is I am very impressed with the work of your band, I saw the video of Shiver and it fascinated me, they are very good !.

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2 years ago

Hello MicroReylatos, thanks again so much! 🌞 I am so glad that you like our music and video clip! We are getting ready for releasing the second one on March 5th!

You are Reinaldo Antonio on Facebook, right? I have just accepted your friend request! 😺

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2 years ago

You are a great woman! And if I am Reinaldo on Facebook, and as soon as I can I will download the complete songs to have them on my phone! 😍

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2 years ago

That's so great MicroReylatos, I am happy that you like them and thank you once again! 🌞

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2 years ago