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How Todays Work Got Me.

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Written by Β Β 37
3 months ago
Topics: Life, Writing, Experiences, Story, Bitcoin, ...

Hello friends it still me @Christian_BCH , my follow bloggers, hw is life going your side?. This is my second article. I want to use this beautiful opportunity to thank you all for supporting me in my first article, I also thank my baba God ( I always called him, my lovely pillar that I stand on all this years ).

Paying and receiving with Bitcoin cash always make me feel happy, for being with Bitcoin cash (BCH) user with the help of my boss Max who trained and guided me in this BCH. I'm happy today seeing Max, using Bitcoin cash to pay me after I have finished working for him in his building.

Tiling job payment from Max.

I can't believe myself paying some people that is using BCH with it. I finished my work today, the place I work today is 'pillar cut base' is very hard than floor and wall, my experience in todays work made me to understand that tiling business get levels. Before you start working pillar base cut, you must be prepared for it because it has different steps. @Maxdevalue.BCH love my handwork and he is happy seeing me working for him. I thank God that I have delivered my work successful today, tiles is the beauty of the house ( if you finish building and you have not put tiles, that means your building is not yet complete! ).

I have finish working for Max.

Some of the challenges I always have in my working place.

  • Sometimes after working, I will notice that i had a tile cut.

  • It pains in the waist, because it is up and down work.

  • Sometimes I will get a big contract but I will not have the complete equipment needed for the work, and I have to rent or hire from people.

  • People am working for always congratulate me very well because I give them what they need (Best), but the challenge here is that some of my fellow workers jealous me because people always like my work and like me to continue working for them.

My experience in tiling.

I have many experiences that always make me to know people on top, I do all type of tiles and design too. It takes me many years to learn all kinds of tiles, tiles is number one choice both wall and floor coverings in bathroom and normal rooms, because they are easy to clean. I don't play with my job because it put food on my table. I lay tiles like; Ceramic shoe tiles, Porcelain traffic tiles, Stone and marble tiles, Edge tiles, Kings high Italian tiles, End grout tiles, Easy mosaic tiles, Finger tiles e.t.c.

  • Ceramic shoe tiles:- It is common type of tiles and anybody can afford it.

  • Porcelain traffic tiles:- Is more costly than ceramic, and available in higher traffic areas, and available in large formats up to two real feet square!.

  • Stone and marble tiles:- This tiles is very expensive and more difficult to work with it. It is also one of the best tiles ever.

  • Edge tiles:- Which can be either single bullnose ( rounding on one edge )

  • Kings high (are the almighty Italian tiles):- This is one of the best tiles and also expensive. It is also used to create decorative features in higher end.

  • End grout:- Is very fine powdered cement that can come in a variety of shades.

  • Easy mosaic tiles:- These are small tiles that I have been using to create decorative is easy to work with.

  • Finger tiles:- These are small, narrow, short tiles (often in a variety of shades).

Working pillar and base cut.


I loveπŸ’• music so much, music is my life. I always sing anywhere, mostly in the church and any event in my area. I can sing different type of songs.

If you ask me, what does music mean to me or even to you? Mine own opinion, music is a gift from God, it is a universal emotional language that allows us to feel good. It brings us closer to God, Ourselves and other people around us and also creates attention to people. Music is something that always make me happy each time am angry (music is my hubby πŸ’•πŸ’―). I so much love someone who knows how to sing or play musical instruments very well. I know my dreams, it is to do something people will like, and continue being happy with it because happiness is revolve around music (Key). Music has always been very important to me that's why, I take it serious always. It's displaced me out of whirlpools which I didn't know I could escape. It's giving me something to look up to, it is something every other persons like so much. I can now say that music means life to me! Because each time am alone, I always long for someone to talk to me and music made it possible to me. Now I can say again that music is my best friend, because it always makes me to forget some of my pains like; When am bored, When am stressed, When am felt life is too terrible at times it reveals my better version to my outside!.

Now this is about Saturday practice and Sunday song, people enjoy my song and am very happy about it.

On stage singing.


  • What ever you do (brother and sister) always be sincere (English language).

  • Akam meturu onuweha adigoro mumma, okwkwe nkwere na jisus azoputagom (This one is my dialect; Igbo language).

  • You are the Lord of the most high...(English language).

  • Chimo...chimo... ezemo... Nihikwuru geme( Igbo language).

  • Nna nyi bini igwe kotito gi bu ahagi... (Igbo language).

  • Finger of the Lord... (English language) e.t.c.

Each time i listen to some of these songs, phycologically my mood changes. My mind always think about music anytime my brain is cool. If am sad ,and want to think about my problems, but each time I listen to music I feel more and more happy. (Music is the voice for my SOUL!!!). Apart of singing I also play drums (Band), I learn drums when am little child . I can play drums and also sing at the same time, because I have build it in me, I make friends that love music because our thinking is that we can be moving together, for those who understand what music is all about,Music is sweet.


If you want to collect something from my hand just use music or know how to sing because it is my happiness πŸ˜†

I will love to see you again on my upcoming article.

@Christian_BCH Say one love for you πŸ’žπŸ’•.

Thanks πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ.

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Written by Β Β 37
3 months ago
Topics: Life, Writing, Experiences, Story, Bitcoin, ...
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I always enjoy an article where I can learn something. Thanks for taking time to teach us about tiling. I didn't know it's so complicated. I can't imagine them well so it would be nice to see the types of tile and their application some time.

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3 months ago

Thanks once again sir

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3 months ago

Thanks so much for commenting to my article, alright I we soon do that sir. Because that is my Handwork, I we teach more about it.

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3 months ago

Sounds to me like you have many talents. Loved reading about it in your article. Good luck with reading. cash and try to write an article about a subject without introduction and and bch info that has nothing to do with it.

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3 months ago

Thanks for your advice

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3 months ago

Alright... Thanks so much I really appreciate

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3 months ago

Wow... Beautiful article, I love it

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3 months ago

Thanks so much dear... I really appreciate πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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3 months ago