Why not give a really original gift for Christmas?

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2 years ago

Hello, you've probably noticed, Christmas is less than 1 week away!

This period is always full of joy, the joy of giving, the joy of receiving. But it's also a time for sharing with family

Many people do it weeks or months in advance, and others wait until the last moment to give a gift. 

I'll just go back to 2 basic ideas: 

  • NO: The ideal gift does not exist. A gift (no matter the monetary value) must come from a good feeling. Proof that the person giving the gift has thought about the recipient. 

  • YES: Santa Claus exists! Did you doubt it?

Every year we are torn by these ideas:

  • Is this gift going to please?

  • Will this gift be useful?

  • Isn't it too much of a gift?

  • What if the person receives the same gift several times?

  • etc ...


So why not break the codes and FINALLY give a REAL ORIGINAL gift?

It's time to get up to date, we are permanently (or almost permanently) in contact with Cryptocurrencies, so why not surf the wave and offer Cryptos ?

Here are a few reasons that might make you want to offer Cryptos:

  • It's an original gift 

  • It's a personalized gift!

  • You're sure that nobody will have the same idea as you (and if so, then it won't be a duplicate gift, but considering that Cryptocurrencies are real money, then the person will have 'even more money').

  • It's a way to discover the vast world of Cryptos for those who don't know where to start. 

  • And so many other reasons ...


Then what can the recipient of this gift do? A multitude of things! 


As I think you have understood, the Crypto I am talking about is none other than Rapids (RPD). You can send RPD by several ways: Telegram, Wallet to Wallet, SWFT, or also a LinkShare.

What's great about Linkshare is that you can send it by email, on social network or even by SMS. The person just has to get the Rapids Mobile Wallet first, set it up,  and claim the RPD you offer him by clicking the link and the amount gifted will be credited to the wallet.

You can download the Rapids Mobile Wallet on your Store Android & iOS

And if the recipient is not interested in the gift, or does not claim it within 48 hours, the full amount of the sent funds will be returned to you (without the fees). In this story there are no losers, 

  • Either the recipient accepts the gift 

  • Or you get it back!

Another way can be nice, for those who want 'an item' you can also offer a Cold Storage Card (that you can buy from our Partner Whopper, in the color of Rapids), which has 2 uses:

  • The first one is: it's a pocket Vault! One of the safest ways to protect your funds, and keep them offline.

  • The second one is that : it's always super nice to have a material object in hand to guess and understand the usefulness of a gift. 

But then you're going to say, "Why choose Rapids (RPD) and not other Cryptocurrencies?"

As the most famous British man, through time and space, Dr. WHO said, "Because it's cool!"


Enjoy these celebrations with your family, we all need them. And remember: there are no good or bad gifts! It's the thought that counts.


In the meantime, join us this Sunday December 20th at 8pm on Telegram for the 'Christmas Trivia' by Rapids, come have fun and try your chance to win RPD (and maybe even LinkShare).

Thank you all, for your continued support to the Network

Rapids Network 


Join us on:



  1. https://www.rapidsnetwork.io/

  2. https://www.rapidsexplorer.io/

  3. https://t.me/RapidsOfficial

  4. https://twitter.com/RapidsRPD

  5. https://rapids.host/

  6. https://rapids.world/

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