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2 years ago

Hello, good evening to all. Friends & Crypto-enthusiasts

With the massive advent of Social Media and Networks, there is a phenomenal amount of sites, blogs etc... where we have access to interesting and relevant information.

But what about the way we use this information?

Among the sites such as 

It is very easy to have up-to-date, consistent, relevant, detailed information ... but when it comes to using this information, it is a problem. Interaction between members is very limited, and especially limited only to comments, it is the same with the author, often he receives so many messages that he misses some, or can not respond to everyone, which leaves us a little frustrated.

How do you connect various people who share the same interests?

Yes, you're going to tell me, they can speak by private message, or directly in comments, they can join on social media (Discord, Telegram ...) to discuss, but how could we make these means of exchanging information and knowledge much easier?

It is in this way that Torum stands out from anything else that may exist today.

This new generation Social Media, and especially very recent (launched in Q4 2020), created by a young team of ambitious Malaysians (whose Founder Ah Go, is none other than one of the greatest expert and influencer with the Cryptos Communities of Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong), who all have a specific competence in a particular field, to bring to Torum what other sites do not provide


Thanks to Torum, you can create your 'Clan' and bring together all the people you know who share the same interests as you, but it will also allow you to reach tens of thousands of other members who potentially share the same interests, or who may also be interested in it.

In this clan, everyone will be able to post whatever they want. Whoever creates the Clan has the de facto rights of Clan Owner, and can then decide who will be the Admin and/or Moderators.

All clans are Public, there are no Private clans. All Torum members (because you have to be registered on Torum to access everything that is posted on the site) can see your clan, they can access everything that is posted, they don't have to 'join the clan' to do so, but they do have to 'join the clan' if they want to post a Thread as well.

The era of complicated information sharing is over, thanks to Torum, surround yourself with people who are like you, who have common interests, whether it's :

  • Cryptocurrencies 

  • Staking platforms

  • Cryptos News

  • Blockchains and their Technologies 

  • NFTs

  • Games running on the Blockchain ....


Torum's motto is: Everything that revolves around the Universe of Cryptocurrencies 

You should also know that on Torum, you can easily earn XTM (Torum's native Crypto) :

  • 75 XTM - by registering with a referral link 

  • 10 XTM per day, completing missions

  • 57 XTM per week, completing the missions

  •  + other missions that will be completed over the long term


  • As soon as you post a 'Thread' any reader can tip you some XTM, as a reward for your work. So the more relevant, hardworking and interesting your work is, the more XTM (and Shards, which will be very useful on Torum in the near future) you'll earn.


Stop struggling to get people together in different places and at different times, join Torum, save time, and most importantly, be more efficient.

Sharing information has no limits, you just have to find the tools to make the most of it, to make it benefit as many people as possible.


See you soon

Christophe WILHELM


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2 years ago