The Chronicles of the Modern Man! #3 - Blogging Guide

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Hello, Good Morning/Evening to all!

Welcome to this third article of my Blog 'The Chronicles of the Modern Man'.


The year 2020 is slowly coming to an end, and also comes the time when new resolutions have to be made (or not) - It remains a pseudo tradition, but we all (or almost all) do it because we say to ourselves "everybody does it, so I can do it too". But usually by the end of the 2nd or 3rd day, we've already dropped those resolutions.

But this time why not try to stick to it for real? Because there is a (financial) interest behind all this, it's what can motivate us/you to maintain our choices.

Cryptocurrencies are taking more and more place in our lives, in our daily life, in our way of consuming, but also in our way of communicating!


Over the last few years we have seen the emergence of sites, blogs, social networks, etc ... that allow you to earn Cryptocurrencies for Posting, Interact with other members, Like/Dislike, and other features (it depends on the site).

But as time goes by we see that the beautiful promises that these sites announce to us from the beginning are fading away little by little, under the cover of "we wish to increase our community, to persist". And the concern when the sites/blogs/social networks open their doors to EVERYONE, they become a little more flexible on their rules, and slowly change their policies, to arrive at conclusions that are : More and more people are posting a few words, or short sentences, more or less uninteresting, and those who had joined this kind of sites/blogs/social networks from the beginning, did so precisely because they offered interesting things such as :

  • We favor quality content

  • We give priority to the content developed and worked on

  • We privilege articles Cryptos-Related (or other subject, related to the site or platform you have chosen).

And with time we get discouraged, and 2 things happen:

  • Either we do like the masses... we start to let go of what made us special, to "do like everyone else"...

  • Or else, we abandon the site, with a slight feeling of regret, for having devoted (much) too much time to it, for much less recognition and appreciation, than we had expected.


This Chronicle of the Modern Man is not intended to discourage you, but on the contrary, to encourage you in what you know how to do best.

Blogging, or writing articles can still be interesting (from a financial point of view - and without having to pay to create your own online Blog), because some sites are more serious than others and reward you with Cryptocurrencies, but it will require work on your part.

If you like to write, be informed, share your knowledge, etc ... It is important to know that writing articles does not happen overnight.

Here's what you need to prepare before you start writing an article

  • Choosing an idea, no matter how simple or complex it is (What is the Blockchain, What are Cryptocurrencies', How to use a 'Paper Wallet' ...)

  • Then write down on a piece of paper everything that comes to mind that will allow you to develop the content (let's take the case of "What is the Blockchain", note for example: When was it created? Who is the developer? How does it work? What is its purpose? What is it used for ? etc ...)

  • Start your research work, taking some notes on what you find interesting and relevant, and also try to vary your sources, as you may find interesting ideas from many different sources.

  • Absorb everything you can read, and especially learn, and start drawing in your mind a diagram of how you want to orient your article, so that it is not the 'copy/paste' of what you may have read on the internet.

  • You should also use your own personal knowledge & experience, this will make writing easier, and above all more constructive.


And then you can finally start writing your article. As we all know, the most complicated part is the beginning of writing. Once you're comfortable with the subject, the rest comes on its own.

  • To make an article interesting and relevant, you have to work on it well.

  • Choose your words carefully

  • Take care of your spelling

  • Avoid repeating turns of phrase or words

  • Use Synonyms whenever possible

  • Etc

  • Don't forget to bring a few sources for the Images you will use, or mention some articles that inspired you ...


You should also know that when you write an article, what can justify your work, at first glance, is not the title, nor your introduction, BUT the length of it!

Many will say to you "Don't write too long, because no one will read it", but then how can you say that a research work on a particular subject can fit in a paragraph or a few sentences? The best is to provide a work that is more or less 500 words, with a minimum limit of 300 words.

It can also be relevant to be interested in several things, projects, but also to have personal knowledge (and a hint of general knowledge), it can help you a lot, and don't hesitate to use personal touches in your articles, it will make it more 'personal', because 'less formal' and readers could even identify with it.


And to finish, here is a selection of some sites/blogs/platforms where you can post your work (This list engages only me, I'm not saying that they are the best, there are many I don't know either, or that I don't use, the best would be to do your own research to find the ones that might suit you better)


  • The first and one of the best known: Publish0x

This site is largely Cryptocurrencies Related, but you can still post on other Topics, without abusing it. Even if you don't post, you can still earn Cryptos every day, because you can give Tips (which come from the site, and not from your personal funds) to Article Authors, you can choose to give them 100% of the Tips, or a minimum of 20% (and 80% of the Tips come back to you), so even if you are only a reader, you can still earn Cryptos. Currently you can earn daily with Publish0x from: Basic Attention Token (BAT), Ethereum (ETH) & Ampleforth (AMPL).


  • Another site, just as interesting, that pays only in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) which is none other than: Read.Cash

On this site you can post in several languages (respecting the rules of the communities), on several different themes (Cryptos, Philosophy, Lifestyle, Story, Dreams ... depending on the communities you join). But just know that Read.Cash only allows 'Exclusive' content because otherwise it will be placed 'invisible' and therefore no reader will be able to Tip you with Bitcoin Cash (BCH). What's also interesting with Read.Cash is that they have recently implemented a Bot "TheRandomRewarder" which randomly rewards articles, under certain conditions: The article must be a minimum of 600 words (or 3 minutes of reading time), Be exclusive content, Do not promote Contest/Giveaway, Avoid posting several articles per day, etc... Even if these rules are a bit strict, you'll get used to them quickly, and you'll be happy to receive Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for the work you've done.


  • Uptrennd: Another heavyweight in the Crypto Industry

You can also post articles on various themes on this site, by publishing them in specific Communities. This site offers 2 modes of posting: Exclusive Content, or Non-Exclusive (be careful if you choose "Original Content written by me" and the system detects plagiarism, you will incur severe penalties, and in general it is a loss of 1UP (the Site's Cryptocurrency)). Then as soon as your post is online, you will receive 1UP for each 'Upvote' received (same for comments you post), but you can also lose 1UP in case of 'Downvote'. Uptrennd is still relatively simple to use (and only allows 3 posts per day).


  • Trybe: What I like the most in this site is the dark mode !

You can also post on several different themes, there is only one constraint : Publish an article of at least 500 words! Because all posts are manually checked before publication (it can take a few hours to 1-2 days before it's online) and if your article is less than 500 words (they still allow if you're at 450-470 words, they're not that bad) it will be switched to 'Draft' and it's up to you to rework it and 'publish' it again to be checked, and be allowed. That's why it's interesting to get into the habit of providing a work of +/- 500 Words. This site allows you to gain 'TRYBE', but just like Uptrennd, you can also lose some, because a reader will give you a score between 1 and 5 (in the form of stars) depending on the relevance of your content, knowing that 1 makes you lose a lot of TRYBE, 3 is more or less equivalent to 0 TRYBE, and 5 corresponds to the maximum score of the vote.


Here are a few other sites that may be of interest to you:

  • Tipestry: You can earn DOGE on the links you post (from your articles posted on other sites) - No matter the topic

  • DLIKE: Same principle as Tipestry, you can earn DLIKE (0.35 DLIKE per Like) - No matter the theme

  • Floyx: I really like this site and this community, the platform is quite recent, but it deserves that we take an interest in it and post our work there (the site is testing a reward system) - Mainly Crypto

  • Sapien: I had heard about it, and I've been testing it for a few days, you can earn SPN - No matter the theme

  • Torum: One of the newest in the Crypto Industry, with a nice interface (relatively dark, which I love) This site is mainly Crypto Related. You can post your articles, join Clans, etc ... You can earn some XTM (the Site's Cryptocurrency), these rewards come directly from the personal Wallet of the reader, so those who give you Tips, have a real interest in rewarding you for your work.

There are many others: Chirp, SteemitBlurtPeakDHive BlogMarkethiveVoilk ... and so many others, it is up to you to find the ones that will suit you best.


There's a saying that says "Every job deserves a salary", and as I'm very pragmatic, I tell myself that if I don't work enough (on the type of content, the length of it, the site I'm posting on ...) I don't deserve any compensation!

I'm not saying that you're going to get rich overnight with your articles, but it's really gratifying to see that readers appreciate your work and decide to offer you some Cryptos as rewards. And over time you will gain notoriety, you will be read more and more, you will generate more and more profit per article, and this will motivate you to keep doing what you know how to do, and especially what you like to do (it may also lead to new collaborations with various projects). And without even realizing it, you will always learn more and more things, which you will want to share with as many people as possible. Undoubtedly, your content will also be more enriched.


So what do you think of this resolution for 2021?

Why not combine the useful with the pleasant, do what you love to do, improve yourself, bring new information and knowledge to your readers, and make money from your work?


See you soon, and enjoy the last days of 2020, because as soon as we are in 2021, there will be no turning back.


Thank you for reading this third article of The Chronicles of the Modern Man. #TCMM

Christophe WILHELM 

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keep it on dude

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Keep it up dear!

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Although this year of 2020 is about to end, but we can enjoy the upcoming year 2021 more than the present year! The sites you shared are unknown to me but the one site i.e uptrennd is well known to me because I am also working on uptrennd and I can say that uptrennd is very unique due to its quality content creators!!! I have a lot of experience with the uptrennd site, and can also guide those people who wish to join the uptrennd!

I liked your efforts because you thought for our betterment to inform many real sites! Your work is appreciated by me!

Keep it up dear!

Hi, many thanks for your comment :)

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