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Rapids Network November 2020 Review

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1 year ago

Hello everyone, and welcome to this new retrospective for Rapids Network, this month we're going to present you everything that happened during the month of November.

This month of November is undeniably marked by 2 major events. The most important and not the least, we have released the Rapids Roadmap for 2021! And what a surprise to see the upcoming projects: NFT, Streaming platform, etc ... Check out this link to learn more. We can also count on the presence of 2 New Members of the Rapids Core Team

To start this month, we have concocted a small summary of data and facts about Rapids: 'Brief Rapids History', as well as the number of users on social networks.

If you want to know more about Rapids, and our services, you can visit the Rapids Academy, more videos will be added to bring you more interesting and relevant information. 

Still hesitating to join the great Rapids Network family (and thus benefit from all the services we offer)? Take a look at this short description, which might make you aware of our services, such as Staking & Masternodes. But also on 'Where does RPD come From?'

This month we have once again rewarded 4 Masternode holders, who host their RPD Masternode on our Rapids.Host Staking and Masternode Hosting Service.

You can now exchange your ETH for RPD, and vice versa with the P2PB2B Exchange platform.

Would you like to join our Social Network, Rapids.World, to share your knowledge, learn more about the world of Cryptocurrencies, interact with the community, participate in the life and development of Rapids and Rapids Network? Take a look at this article to find more information, feel free to contact @millyo on Telegram to get your registration link.

We are also pleased to announce that 2 new members have joined the Rapids Network Core Team, they have distinguished themselves by their commitment to the community, but also their involvement in Rapids Network. Welcome to the team:

  • Milly (@millyo on Telegram) our devoted Community Manager

  • Gilberto (@GilRH91 on Telegram) in charge of Technical Support, is THE person to contact if you have any problems with the multitude of services we offer you

For the pleasure of the 'Staking Enthusiast' from now on we will publish every week the best performances of the Cryptos listed on our Staking and Masternode Hosting Platform: Rapids.Host. If you own some of the Cryptos that we list, don't hesitate to take advantage of a passive income through Rapids.Host

And that's how November ends, with one of the most important announcements! Discover our Roadmap 2021, full of surprises and projects that will delight everyone. You can also have a look at Bry-Ri's Article, he always brings us quality articles, and we thank him for that. 

Thank you all, for your continued support of the network, and see you soon for a new retrospective. The next ones will be the one of December, as well as the summary of the year 2020, you will find all the highlights of our News and much more. 

Rapids Network 

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Written by   79
1 year ago
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