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Rapids Network - February 2021 Review

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1 year ago

Hello everyone!

Welcome to this 'Review' of everything that happened in February with Rapids, Rapids.Host and RaptureTv.

As you all know, February is the month of Love, the birds are cooing, the days are getting longer, the temperature is getting milder, and especially the emblematic feast that is Valentine's Day on February 14th (but I reassure you that the other 11 months of the year are also important months for lovers).


Rapids Network has given a boost to the projects announced on Roadmap 2021 (which you can view here).

February is off to a great start, with Rapids publicly announcing that they are looking for NFT Designer. It's still time for you to apply by filling out this form. If you are interested in graphic design and want to know how NFT works, Rapids would be happy to consider your application. For the moment no official announcement has been made, and no names have been made public, so you still have a good chance, so don't let this great adventure slip through your fingers.


RaptureTv, Rapids' Streaming & Gaming platform, played a large part in the Network News.

On February 9th, Rapids launched Rapture Buzz, THE news website presenting the latest news in the world of video games.

During the month, Rapture also announced a new partnership. NorthSe4, becomes the official partner in the development of the Rapture Games.

And to end the month, a big event was organized, on February 27th you could join us on RaptureTv, in Live Streaming, on the Minecraft game, and scan all the QR codes you see passing by, for a total of 2000$ of gifts (in RPD equivalent).


For the Rapids Network part, February has also been charged, between:


It is also the first Tests concluded (Rapids 4.0 Part. 1), to migrate soon to the Mercury Protocol → Rapids 4.0 (more information here)


Rapids Network it's also Rapids.Host, a Masternode and Staking Hosting platform, but also a Hybrid Smart Pool, Rapids has announced new listings: 


Rapids Network is also a new partnership: 

And a new member of the Rapids Team


We remind you, that every week, on Wednesday evening at 20h UTC, a lucky owner receives 250 000 RPD reward, to try your luck, just host a Rapids (RPD) Masternode (10 000 000 RPD) on Rapids.Host, which is the cheapest Masternode Hosting platform on the market, with an offer at 0.99€ per month.


And so, to start a new month in style, Rapids announced that the Rapids Mobile Wallet is now available in new languages:

  • Chinese

  • Danish

  • Finnish

  • Norwegian

  • German

  • Persia

  • Sami

  • Indonesian

New languages will be added soon 


Take care of yourself, and remember to respect the sanitary measures in place in your country. March announces beautiful days, it is not time to relax, a few more months, and the world should get better, if we all go there in a common and planetary effort.


See you Soon

Rapids Network 


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Written by   79
1 year ago
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