Rapids Network December 2020 Review

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2 years ago

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Rapids Network's latest monthly Retrospective for 2020.

Above all, Rapids Network, all its Teams as well as its Ambassadors wish you all a pleasant year 2021, may it be as busy as 2020. We thank you for all that you have brought us throughout the past year, and we are still preparing great things for the year to come, be sure to keep in touch.

We have just turned a page, we have just changed the Year. And here is what Rapids organized and accomplished in December 2020:

  • The month starts very well, with a "Trading competition" on Altilly that allows you to win a part of the 10 Million $RPD (shared between the winners). But 3 weeks later an unexpected news came to us: Altilly has been hacked, stealing all the funds of their members, to this day Altilly is still not able to bring us any information that can reassure us ... Why am I starting with this bad news? Because like all things in life, there is good and bad, and it is interesting to talk about it. We just hope that this whole story will get better in the weeks or months to come.


  • We would also like to remind you that for the last few months, every Wednesday we have been running a 'Masternode Lottery', which offers 250,000 RPD to the RPD Masternode holder whose transaction is closest to 8 PM UTC. Want to try your luck? All you have to do is to hold at least 1 RPD Masternode on Rapids.Host, and let it happen, because Staking and Masternodes bring you a passive income. Owning 1 Masternode on Rapids.Host, costs you only 0.99€ per month, which makes this platform the cheapest on the market. We also post every week the best performances of Masternodes from Rapids.Host's statistics.

  • On December 5th, we invited you to the last Rapids AMA of the year on Discord, it was an opportunity to ask us all the questions you want about Rapids Network, but also the brand newcomer, the Streaming & Gaming platform Rapture_TV so we made some announcements previously




  • In the middle of the month we announced the arrival of a brand new member in the Rapids Team, Volbil, in charge of the development of the Blockchain, it is also the very last member to join the team before the change of Year. 


This is the end of this beautiful year, once again crowned with success for all the projects undertaken by Rapids & Rapids Network. We are proud of all that has been accomplished thanks to our community of more than 5,000 Members around the world. We can never thank you enough. You are the fuel for all our projects and innovations. See you in 2021 for even more great events! Take a look at our Roadmap for a brief overview. 

See you Soon

Rapids Network 

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  1. https://www.rapidsnetwork.io/

  2. https://t.me/TeamRPD

  3. https://www.rapidsexplorer.com/

  4. https://t.me/RapidsOfficial

  5. https://rapids.host/

  6. https://rapids.world/

  7. https://rapture.tv/


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