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Good morning, good evening, everyone!

We all know the impact of social networks on our lives, we are 7.7 Billion souls living on this beautiful planet, we are 3.7 Billion users/consumers of social networks (48%).

More and more people are using them every day.


Although they bring us a lot, they also come with constraints:

  • We are free to post what we want... BUT! (this notion is always vague, we never really know the impact of what our publications can have)

  • We provide (by obligation) personal information, which is then resold, for the pleasure of the bosses and its shareholders.

  • We earn nothing, whether we post a simple picture, or an article resulting from a long work of research and thinking.

  • We help to popularize social networks ... for what purpose? Extend our network? Or increase the wealth of the shareholders of the social network concerned?

  • What we post, remains stored, without any time limit, and sooner or later will resurface, and will harm us (do we really have freedom of expression? Or do we have a threat hanging over our heads that is ready to strike at any time?)

Social networks should bring us togetherallow us to share what we loveto share our artto discover new communitiesthere is so much to discover, and yet ...

In these times of global crisiseveryone around us is talking about one thingpress is talking about one thing, governments are all talking about the same thing! We all know it, we all hear it from the moment we get up to the moment we go to bed.

Social networks could be a refuge from the frenzy that worries the whole planet, but instead, social networks deprive us of the little freedom we could find from other people who would also like to see, read, talk about so many other things than the epidemic that demoralizes humanity.


Life is meant to be lived, we must enjoy today, without thinking about tomorrow (no one knows what the future holds for us) and no longer think about yesterday (the past is the past, and nothing can be changed).


What better way than to join a newly born social network, which is not created to generate wealth for an elite, but precisely to offer maximum freedom to its userswhile respecting each other, just like you respect your friends and your own family.


Note Blockchain Social Network is the alternative to the constraints imposed by other social networks.

  • Note Blockchain is respectful of your privacy and will not sell, neither today nor tomorrow, your private data and information → What is private MUST remain private.

  • Note Blockchain will not store, neither today nor tomorrow, what you want to post on this social network (posts are automatically deleted after 24 hours).

  • Note Blockchain even allows you to earn money on what you post, and this money, in the form of cryptocurrency - NTBC, does not come from a pool, which we do not understand how it is financed, but from the personal funds of other users of this social network.

  • Note Blockchain's Cryptocurrency has a real financial value, not a useless pseudo-reward without interest


Its use is simple, just download the App from your store (iOSAndroid), register, and then enjoy all that freedom can offer you on the internetpost what you wantreact to what you want, and start earning NTBC by participating in the life, development and popularization of this new social network.

You, Me and the other 7.7 Billion inhabitants of this great planet all have something of our own, knowledge to offer, life experiences to share, passions to exchange, and we are all eager for knowledge and discoveries, today more than ever before.


We all need a refugea haven of peace, we all need a place to express ourselves, and to get out of the unbearable pressure that surrounds us in these difficult times.


Note Blockchain Social Network can be this refuge, come and live this beautiful adventure with us, escape, take your life in hand, don't be afraid, don't fear to express yourself any more


The future of Social Networks lies in the freedom they can offer you, Note Blockchain is the pioneer of it.


Thank you all, and see you soon on Note Blockchain Social Network.


Christophe WILHELM

Note Blockchain




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1 week ago
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