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2 years ago

Hello, good evening to all!

We are gently coming to the end of 2020, and we will all have very special memories of this year.

Let's embrace 2021, let's welcome it in the best possible way. Why? Firstly because we are about to enter a new decade (and yes, we will have to wait 10 years for the next one!) And secondly because the change of year allows us to adopt (or not) new resolutions or behaviors.


{For the little information, many Thinkers, since the dawn of time do not agree between a decade that begins a year 0 or that begins a year 1 . It would be more logical to count a decade with a year beginning with a 1 than with a 0 ... because the year 0 did not exist.

Another theory would be that the Arabs had not yet invented the 0, in 734 when the Christian Church decided on the date of birth of its Founder} But we are not here to talk about that!


In short, we are going to change decades, and that is to be celebrated (well, we will try to celebrate this event, in the respect of the sanitary measures in vigor in our respective countries).

But there is still an alarming observation that we see on the Sites/Blogs/Social Media. We are supposed to live in civilized societies, but then why aren't we able to communicate properly? 

Places like Torum, Publish0x, Uptrennd, Trybe, Read.Cash and many others exist to make you discover and learn new things constantly!


Do you in your real lives (outside of the Internet) limit yourself to a vocabulary of a few words such as :

  • Yes

  • No

  • Thank you 

  • Good

  • Cool

  • Nice

  • Etc ... 

You imagine this conversation:

  • Hello, how are you? 

  • Good

  • How was your vacation?

  • Sure 

  • What did you do?

  • Nothing

  • You didn't do any activities? You didn't see anyone? Didn't have any fun?

  • Yes

I'm going to stop there or else it will annoy everyone. 


So why on Sites/Blogs/Social Media like Torum are we not able to communicate properly (mainly in comments) with multi-word sentences?

Because in general the people who post on these Sites/Blogs/Social Media, whether it is articles, links, MEMES, or any other elements, have taken the time to write it, read it, study it, create it, to be able to share it with you. How do you think they feel when they see the comment "Nice - Cool - Great - Ok - Thanks ...". Do you think it brings something constructive to their work? Did you at least take the time to read/watch/analyze what he posted? Or do you just do that to - Validate your daily tasks - and thus win the reward without really being interested in the platform?

It would be really interesting for everyone, for you, for the author of the post, but also for the platform, if you could bring a comment that is a little bit interesting and relevant. If you're not interested in the subject, skip it, don't just throw an 'OK', or give your point of view! There is still the possibility to move to another post, which might be more interesting for you. 

For the vast majority of things that are posted on the internet, there is a real research work behind it, a work of reflection, to be able to bring you something interesting, useful, entertaining. The least polite thing would be for you to take an interest in it and to thank/compliment the author.


I'm not saying that you have to be hypocritical or agree with everything and everyone, we all have a different opinion, and not everyone can or wants to adhere to it, so why not take the opportunity to give your opinion too? BUT know that if you want to give your opinion, you have to know how to argue it


Let's take this example to illustrate my point:

An author offers you a detailed article on the subject "The Earth is Round", but YOU disagree, and you comment to him "No the Earth is Flat!" Do you think this comment of a few words is relevant? But if you bring arguments like - If it is round and it turns on itself, why don't we feel the wind, because you say it turns at more than 1100 km/h?, Why when I look at the horizon I see it flat, and not rounded? etc ... This is more relevant as a comment, and it can open the debate.


As I told you, everyone has an opinion, whether it is well-founded or not, we all have the right to express ourselves, and we must be open to criticism above all! We learn every day, otherwise what would we be?

Coming back to the new decade that will begin in a few days, why not make a little effort to communicate? This pleasure that we are so lacking these days because of world events. It's always a pleasure to communicate with people from all cultures, and from all parts of the world

It's not complicated, tell yourself that on the Internet, you must behave as you would with your family or friends, you listen, read, analyze, and then you give your opinion, not just an "OK". Torum and all other such sites would be very grateful to you.


Thanks to all of you for putting up with reading me in this very critical little article.

Happy New Year's Eve to all! See you soon 

Christophe WILHELM





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great article

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Thank you very much, I think we really need to raise awareness about that :)

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