How to choose PoS (Proof-of-Stake) Coins that Generate Profits

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The choice of a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Cryptocurrency that can be generated with a Staking system must be made with the utmost care. Each PoS Coins is different and the potential to generate a high return on invested funds may vary. That is why MyCointainer carefully selects all PoS Coins listed on the platform. This ensures that the PoS Coins you own will have the highest growth potential and generate sufficient long-term benefits for you.

How do I choose a cryptocurrency that can generate profits using the services provided by MyCointainer? Here are some tips for you

Pay attention to Cryptos/Coins that have unique concepts, strong developers and a real life use case.

There are many PoS Coins available on the platform, but MyCointainer encourage each user to do their own research (It would be best if a crypto is chosen after their own research and verification).

Important things to check when making this choice is:

  • What stage is the development of this currency at?

  • Does the Crypto already have a working product and is it being used by the general public

  • Or is it still at an initial stage with no real use

  • Or perhaps the Crypto was created for purely speculative purposes?

The general rule is to collect as much information as possible before investing in anything. It can't be harmful for you to know a little more about the project/coin you are interested in.

Indicators that show the return on investment (ROI) have not been ignored at all.

The percentage of profit offered by PoS Coins can be different for each one. In MyCointainer services, the highest percentage of profit offered can be several hundred percent (>100%). But this does not automatically mean that you will become extremely rich if you invest in cryptocurrencies that have a high annual ROI.

The important thing to remember is that the price structure of crypto-currencies is different. There are ups and downs in the price, and the higher the potential return on investment (ROI), the more inflationary this cryptocurrency is likely to be.

The wise thing to do is to invest in several different cryptos, if one of them doesn't work as you would expect, the others have a chance to make a profit.

An additional but very important factor is the presence of "Masternodes"Some cryptocurrencies integrate the system of Masternodes into their ecosystem. Considering this factor, it is well known that MyCointainer offers both methods:

  • Staking

  • Masternodes

Depending on the nature of the cryptocurrency. Thus, in general, the benefit for Cryptos/Coins Masternode (MN) + Staking (PoS) should be higher than for Cryptos/Coins (simply) Staking.


A brief explanation of the return on investment (ROI) indicator on MyCointainer

The percentage of return on investment that MyCointainer includes is only a rough calculation and should not be taken as the main indicator. The market for cryptocurrencies and the percentage of return on investment associated with cryptocurrencies, Staking and Masternodes is difficult to predict due to the quickly changing crypto environment.

MyCointainer has no influence on the price of cryptocurrencies on the market, nor does it suggest that one cryptocurrency is better than another. The decision for the Cryptos/Coins you are going to invest in should be a decision you make yourself.

MyCointainer offers staking and investment services to everyone and their mission is to make it easy to get cryptocurrencies and make money from them.

MyCointainer believes it is only fair that more people have access to this new era of passive income.

Become an investor with unlimited passive income potential with Masternodes. Participate by registering here.


Happy Staking!



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