Not a Foreigner

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Not a Foreigner

Part: 1,2

Here is Part-1

The plane took off with a slight jolt. The king looked outside. The plane started to run on the runway. With that, the inside of the king is squeaking. Looks like he's leaving something. But what is leaving! Yes ..... he is leaving his heart to his grandmother.

His dream city is near Kolkata. Repeatedly just sighing. He will reach Bangladesh in a few hours. But, not feeling a little happy. Life flows like a river, not like a flower.

A white full-sleeved shirt rolled up to the elbow, a thick white jacket over it. A suit of flower cotton on the legs. The hair on the head is quite large and random. Minus power glasses in the eyes. The king is sitting quietly, even though the rest of the passengers on the plane are making noise. He is not trying to get acquainted with anyone. Not only today, but also today, without the need for eighteen years, it is a far cry to get acquainted with anyone.

Even his best friend means that Akash and Avi are not angry or arrogant with his behavior. Because, they know that Raja's past has made him timid and shy. What's more, it ends here, not at all. Don't talk unnecessarily to the Queen, who has just had a one-year relationship. Although, the queen is quite happy to have such a calm boyfriend.

However, even though everyone is happy, Raja Thammi is not happy at all. According to him,

"Even at the age of 18, a boy who can't maintain his dignity is his weakness, not his strength."

He loves the king more than himself. However, with this fearful, calm, weakness of the grandson, he is very worried.

That is why the king is leaving one country today to keep his word. The king felt a little annoyed at the noise of the passengers. When he went to take out his mobile phone from his pocket, he realized that he had left his last possession. At the airport, Rani went to the bathroom with the phone. But I don't remember coming back. Poor Raja, on the one hand, has been leaving Thammi-Rani for three years, on the other hand, the only means of communication has also dropped the mobile.

However, the king has to answer a question to many people in Bangladesh. Having so many big colleges in India, why did he come to study in Bangladesh! But the king is the son of a poor family! Will study abroad, even if it is Bangladesh. But not at all. His father, with the money he has, will be able to sit comfortably and eat with his seven men. But why come to Bangladesh! Behind every fairy tale, there is the hand of an ideal writer. Similarly, the king had a reason to come to Bangladesh.

After landing at Dhaka airport, he looked at his watch. The time was five in the afternoon. Although it is according to India time, now Bangladesh time, he could not guess. The bone-chilling cold outside. Her arms and legs are shaking. When you go out of the city, you can understand the intensity of winter in the month of Poush. According to Thammi, Susang Pargana comes by bus. Susang Pargana got into trouble. So far, all the roads have been in good condition, but the Susang Parganas have not been in harmony since. A lot has changed in these 15 years. Over time, villages have become cities, and cities have become cities. So, the cars that used to go on the road now don't go anymore. The new king came to the new country and was in great danger. No taxi wanted to go near his house. Many, after requesting a taxi driver, finally agreed to take a taxi. Although, the whole thing he won't go again. Leave the king on the main road, then he will have to walk three kilometers along the village road. He got in the taxi, seeing no other way. There is no word, 'No, Mama is better than Mama'.

Taxis started speeding along the smooth road. At the same time, the cold wind in winter dazzled his ears. Wherever his eyes go, there is only fog and mist. The taxi is running through a small starting road. The trees on both sides of the taxi are running at the same time. In the winter evenings, the fields and ghats are covered with light blankets in the fog. Winter inertia, foggy depression is prevailing everywhere. If you go to the door of the farmer's house before the winter evening, you can see the farmer and the farmer bride sitting comfortably in bed. In the distance, a yellow butterfly satarava butterfly stands out. Marigolds, dahlias, sunflowers and chrysanthemums are wafting from the houses along the road. The curious king, removing the glass of the car even in the cold of Kankan, began to feel the natural scene. He is seeing such a natural scene for the first time in his life. Bengal is the land of Asmudrahimachal, Sujla-Sufla, Shasya-Shyamla. This is a beautiful Bengal. In the evening mist, small hills or hills in the distance are floating in front of the eyes. Seeing such a scene, a line of a poem by Subhash Mukherjee came to mind,

"Like a cloud of smoke

Who set the fire

In fact, it is not a cloud, Garo

Mountains ".

I couldn't tell when the golden Bengal reached its natural form. The problem is that he did not leave her behind. He looked at his watch. Then 8:00 p.m. Almost all the shops were closed by 8 pm. Seeing this, he did not think at all. It's not the city, the shops will be open until midnight. It's winter in the village, named after the early night here. In the city, the night is too late, but only for a short time.

The stranger, the only shopkeeper who saw the unfamiliar face of the king, stopped to close his shop.

- Assalamualaikum brother.

This word is not unfamiliar to him. Still, he saluted his religion for fear of mispronunciation.

-Hello Uncle.

- Looks unfamiliar! Where will it go?

He did not want to miss this opportunity. This uncle could only show the way to his house.

- Sonali Pure, at Sunaina Devi's house. Can you show me the way to his house?

Hearing this, the man was startled. Said in a slightly lighter voice,

- But ...... As far as I know Sunaina Devi died 18 years ago today. After that, her husband and son all moved to India. No one lives here.

- Yes, I know ......., I am his unfortunate son. In order to give birth to him, he has left the world by himself.

- Sorry, I didn't quite understand.

- All right. Now show me the way. It's late at night, I have to go home again.

-But so late at night, how can you go home alone! The person who takes care of the house must have returned to his house by now. You better go to my house. Tomorrow morning I will go myself and leave you.

- No, that's how it is! Aunty has been told I will come today. Unito, keep waiting for me again.

- Then what else! Take the narrow road on the right.

- Yes, I will, thanks.

After a while, the man called back,


- Yes.

- You have a mobile!

- No, I actually forgot.

-Then, how do you get home in the dark?

- I'll leave somehow.

- No, the road is terrible. You better take my torch light.

-Then how do you get home?

- Amito will go by the main road. Moreover, I travel that road every day. I will have no problem.

-Okay, thanks. Don't worry, I'll be here for three years, I'll get your torch right.

After hearing this for three years, the man got a little nervous. Then he said,

-Three years, what are you going to do here?

-Why? I will study.

The man giggled and laughed.

The king seemed to laugh. The king was a little annoyed and said,

- What's so funny about that!

- I will not laugh, to have so many big colleges in your country, whether you have finally come to study in Third World Country Bangladesh.

The king looked at his face and smiled,

-If you hate your own country, why don't foreigners do it?

- But ... the words are true!

- None of that is true.

Part 2

Covered in thick fog all around. There is no way to see what is near or far. Turning on the touch light and walking fast, he is moving forward. Occasionally a cold gust of wind, his body trembling. There are only crickets in the middle of the silence. Two or four bats are dancing in front of my eyes. He looked around, whether there is a house somewhere! According to the man, if he had gone to his house, there would not have been such a danger. She grew up in a brightly lit city. Such great darkness in the village rose with thorns in fear of his body. It is wrong to say that the fear of ghosts is not in him. He is terrified of ghosts. Thinking of all such strange things. Suddenly, someone in front of him saw a small hurricane coming forward. She trembles with fear. The story of such a ghost is not less read in the story book. But did not understand, one day he will really have to face the ghost.

-Hey king brother! You're here!

Hearing the retrograde female voice, the king felt a little hesitant, the fear disappeared from his mind. Except for the one who takes care of his house abroad, no one knows him. Surely seeing that she was late, Aunty came forward. Still pretending not to know, he said,

- Yes ... but I, too, did not recognize you.

- I'm Aradhya, I forgot to see!

Aradhya's name is not new to him. When he was in Bangladesh, his neighbor was Aradhya. Although 5 years older than Raja, the relationship was quite sweet. Although the king does not remember any of this. Because he was much younger then. With Aradhya, when they last met, she was three years old. Everything she knew about Aradhya came from her mother-in-law.

-No, forget why! You have no trouble recognizing me.

Aradhya avoided the word. He said

-Where are you going so late?

- Amito will return home. Will deliver me a little.

-But, what can be done so late at night?

-Why? Your house is there, you must go too!

-Yes, my house was there 15 years ago. But we are here now.

The king did not know what to say. He also said,


- Yes, you better stay at our house tonight. Will be leaving tomorrow morning.

The cowardly king said no more. Not once did he say ..........

-Okay, let's go.

Then, behind Aradhya, she continued to tell stories. How is his mother? How is the study, how is the city of Calcutta? They started talking about this.

Even though everything was fine, it seemed that Aradhya's eyes were not her own. The eye is not normal. Very red, like a bright star.

When he reached home, Aradhya said,

- Come wash your hands and face! I am growing rice, you have come from far away, eat and go to bed early.

The king washed his hands and face without asking any questions like an obedient son. She's really tired. The whole day was no less stressful, on top of that. The king sat down to eat and asked who his uncle and aunt were.

-Didibhai, why can't I see Uncle Kakima?

Aradhya looked at him and said with a smile,

- Parents, uncle went home. I am alone at home.

Hearing this, the rice got stuck in the king's throat. He drank some water and said,

- There is no house next door. Aren't you scared?

- No, I'm not afraid. You go to the room and fall asleep.

- Yes, you will not sleep?

- Yes, I will sleep, if you eat. I will sleep if I eat, Aradhya said with a smile.

The king also looked at Aradhya and laughed. With a tired body, he fell asleep without thinking for seven or five minutes. He does not know how long he was asleep.

The king is fast asleep. Aradhya first put her hand on the king's head a few times. Then he took out a locket from his neck and took it in his hand. With it, Aradhya started pulling straight from the elbow of one of the king's hands to the wrist. The king has no movement. He has only breathing. Blood gushes out from inside. Aradhya sniffed and started smelling it. The king was dying, and after a while his body became numb after his legs began to flutter. And Aradhya is very perfect and carefully spreading the skin of the king's body and eating it with a smile on her face. Then Aradhya filled her hand inside the king's stomach and brought out the heart. The king was completely numb. After a while, the king woke up with a shout at Farzana's call.

- King brother! King brother! What happened to you

The king got up and gasped. Even in the cold, he was exhausted. Panting, he said,

- No, nothing.

- King brother, I understand you have a bad dream!

The king was silent for a long time. After a while he said in a low voice,

- Yes, yes.

- You're so tired, new place on it so you're a little scared. I'm sitting next to you. Sleep.

Then, Aradhya put her hand on the king's head and sang in a melodious voice. Aradhya, not the king's own sister. Yet, never think of the king as his own brother. Receiving his sister's affection, the king's eyes fell asleep again. But, again, he was not allowed to sleep in peace. Before four in the morning, Aradhya called out,

- King brother! King brother! Get up, it's dawn.

The king woke up with a deep sleep in his eyes. She

He looked at Aradhya and said,

- It's dawn! It is still dark.

- Actually, this is the village. If everyone finds out in the morning that the two of us are homeless and have spent the night together, they will hear a lot.

-Hmm, sister, I understand.

- Then I'm coming.

Saying goodbye to Aradhya, the king went out again on the dark path. Winter, at four in the morning and very dark. Finding no way to go, he fell asleep leaning against a tree.

To be Continued....

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