Cop Wife

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If you are upset,then definitely read the story. There is medicine in it which makes you to feel better.

1st episode

My self: - Look at that , see there is a sweet girl going.

Zakaria: -Yes dude. I think she is a box cuteness.

Myself: -Hmm. Don't look, your future sister in law.

Zakaria: -You always say this. But so far you have not been able to make anyone our future.

Myself: -Hmm, brother. Everything is the fault of fate.

Jack (Zakaria): - Hmm.

Myself: - Look, the girl has been attacked by the scoundrels of the neighborhood. Let's hurry up and save the girl by pretending to be a hero.

Jack: I don't know how to dress up as a hero.

Myself: -Go hurry without blabbering on like Abuilla.

Jack: Okay.

At the scene ....

Myself: -You are telling me to leave the girl.

Bakhate: -If you don't leave, will you kill the bull ??

Myself: -Keeeee? Am I a bull?

The T20 match started. I am trying to hit a six but I can't.

Suddenly an idea came to my mind ... I gave a jabbar mai bakhateta in that place.

Myrta is eating like a sack of potatoes lying on the street crying. Then ....

Me: -Brother, are you in more pain ?? Sorry ...

Bakhate: - Shala Myra, I'm sorry now. Your courage is not less ...

Me: -Brother, why did you say "shit"? Shall I give another one ???

Bakhate: - No no no brother no .. I will not get married. Please brother forgive me.

Me: -Brother, apologize to that girl ... (The girl was standing on the side of the road watching our T20 match)

Bakhate: - Apu, Apu, please forgive me. And I will not do that in my life. Promise to anyone.

Girl: All right, go. And if that happens, I'll send you straight to jail ...

The scoundrels got up with great difficulty and grabbed the place and walked away. Then the girl called somewhere ...

After a while a police car came. Then ....

Girl: Come with me.

Me: -Where?

Girl: Come on ...

He is holding my hand. Ah, what a soft hand of a girl. This is the first time a girl has taken my hand.

Eki! Why are you picking me up in the police car? I helped. On the contrary, whether I am in jail or not ...

He put me in the car and sat himself ... I jumped out of the car as soon as I got the chance and gave a run like Usain Bolt. A call can be heard from behind:

Eki! I see the girl running after me

I'm running. But I didn't get along with the girl. I think the girl will be Usain Bolt's older sister. But the look is ★ Awesome.

The girl grabbed me. Then ....

Girl: -Why are you running?

Me: -You were handing me over to the police.

Girl: -Hey, that's my car. Yours is gone. So I was taking you for treatment.

Me: -You mean your car?

Girl: I am a police officer.

Me: -Kihh? Police !!!!

The time to run again ...

Girl: I will send you straight to jail if you extend one more leg. Come with me.

I must have gone too. (Continued...)

(The part of the story is completely fictional. If I make any mistake, please forgive me. please don't make bad comments.)

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interesting story!

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