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Travel Far

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3 months ago

Getting away can be the best way of opening our heart and mind. A few days or weeks in a foreign city can show us how other people live, see the world and tackle the issues in their lives. It's an opportunity to become more compassionate, understanding and perhaps less narrow-minded.

There is a saying that "Travel is the only thing you can buy that actually makes you richer."

Leaving our comfort of familiar surroundings can be the most eye-opening experience of our life. There is something magical combination of freedom from the everyday and exposure to the new and unexpected.

When the Pandemic still didn't occur. Lot of us have already plan our travel goals for this year. However, due to this Pandemic those plan had been cancelled, instead we are advised to stay at home.

Given that we are still in normal days. Take as much leave as we can and definitely never come to the end of the year with unused holiday allowances.

Use vacations to feed our childlike imagination and sense of awe. Appreciate and learn from other cultures. Travel with the aim of connecting with local people, food and culture. Travel with an aim of experiencing new and unexpected things.

Thank you for reading ❤️

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I never heard of the expression you said. Here they say a journey starts with planning it. It turns out the planning of vacations is a big part of the holiday fun. Good to know if we can not really leave.

Staying home doesn't mean you can not have a vacation but I agree it's harder if you stay home. I notice my daily routine changes. No need to wake up that early, no need for two meals a day. Still plenty to do.

A scrapbook about this vacation might be a great souvenir for later. 🍀👍💕

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3 months ago

Great text. I didn't travel anywhere because of the pandemic. I read a lot, wrote, was creative, learned so many interesting things, cooked beautiful food, listened to music. Good luck until the new trip!

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3 months ago

Nice article, but actually I can't get away right now due to travel restrictions. But of course this true, keep posting.

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3 months ago

Travelling is great not just for experience but also for our Health.

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3 months ago