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7 months ago

Today, I want to tell you

how very much you mean to me.

Sometimes in our fast-paced days

so many things go unsaid

and so many people get taken for granted.

I don't want that to happen with us.

You are such an important person

in my life one of the few people

who cares so much and expects so little in return.

I have ways felt like can count on you

for anything and that I would never be let down.

You go out of your way

to wake my life happier,

and the little things you do

mean so very much to me.

You have such a big heart

filled with so much kindness and love.

I feel so very lucky to know you

and so very blessed to have you

Today want to say thank you -

for all that you do,

for all that you are,

and for how wonderful

because you are a part of it.

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What a heartfelt poem and it's beautiful.

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7 months ago

Thank you

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7 months ago