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Reminiscing Childhood memories

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2 months ago

When I was young, we used to lived in a remote area in Zamboanga City. This is the place where my father was born. It would take a 100 km walk and hike in order to reach our place. There are mountains to hike, river to cross, and a rough road to walk. We don't have electricity and used lamps that are powered by gas to light up our house in the evening.

We have a wide area to plant for our food. A spring where we get our water to drink. Cows and Carabaos served as our pets. We lived in a simple life. We strive everyday to have a food to serve in our table. I used to help my parents in getting corn crops. And we sell it on the highway for us to buy rice and viand. We are happy back then. And enjoyed every memories I had.

I missed that place and I hope I can go back soon after this Pandemic.

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I hope you can go back and just like many find a way to have a better life without the luxury we are so used to these days. Electricity, water is a luxury and so is internet.

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1 month ago

very nice photographs. Please keep it up

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2 months ago