My sister

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7 months ago

You know me well enough understand

why I am the way I am

and accept me unconditionally,

with all my flaws.

We've shared so many joys and pains,

and we've So grown through each of them.

So many of my best memories are those

spent with you,

although at the time

I failed to recognize the significance

of our precious childhood experiences.

It amazes me how much we think alike.

I trust you more than anyone,

for I know that you always want

and hope the best for me.

That's not to say we haven't been

competitive or jealous of each other

from time to time

but that's all part of sisterhood.

It gives me such great security

to know that if the

whole world ever turned against me,

I would have one last friend

standing by me

Loyal to the end,

no matter what

You, my sister.

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It's a beautiful poem and the message about how your sister is to you through ups and downs made it more amazing.

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7 months ago