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I was born Today!

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1 month ago

Every day you must say to yourself,

I was born today!

Thank the Almighty for the life that we have,

For we still be able to breathe,

And see the beautiful creatures,

The world is so dear to me.

This is where I belong

The light that I see

Strikes my unclouded eyes

Then let us live a pure life,

A shining life!

Today, every moment shall bring

Feelings of well-being and cheer,

And the reason for my existence,

Will be to spread happiness all over the world,

To pour the wine of goodness around me...

Have a blessed day Ahead ❤️

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I can't say I feel that way at the moment. Who knows I wake up later today. I am just too tired now and hang in but I do think you deserve a tip. Happy day to you.

Ps you should post this in a more specific community.

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1 month ago