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5 months ago

They are deceivers of mankind

floating and hidden underwater.

We thought they are kind:

good and generous as ever,

They are amiable:

but aggressive and dangerous.

Thought to be harmless animals:

but most of them are voracious.

They knew the art of deception

spending all day working.

Attending some commemoration spending all night in another deed of corruption.

Hippos love the water:

as what they love is money.

They could be of great danger

especially in lakes and rivers.

They empty our coffers:

in the most subtle way.

in the most painful way.

They are fast attackers:

The young are victims of their temper: between the fight one will be hurt.

Just because they have the power

they dominate the herd.

Looks can be deceiving:

choose your right leader.

Be heedful of what they're doing:

because one could bring disaster.

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