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6 months ago

There was this boy whom truly loved daring, bold, someone I was always proud of together, we flew high like the doves free and oblivious in the sky up above.

You were the king and was the queen who once ruled a kingdom of lands that were green getting home, our clothes wouldn't be all too clean whenever we escape into the sea past the woods, with the sand in between.

Days grew long as well as the years when fate decided one of us had to leave here who knew what he left for me as a souvenir would be running along my check: a single tear.

We grew up and just like that we both went our ways never expecting we'd stay out of each other's ways I wonder how things would've been if you did stay I still think of the great things we could've done up to this day.

I was surprised as to how he first reached out to me it was extremely awkward as how I thought it would be but then he asked, "have you found a king other than me?" "I have," I answered. "But if only you didn't flee."

We faced the same sea we saw years ago, waves raging and not so blue tasting the scent of salt brought by the morning dew "Do you remember when the only king I ever loved was you?" "Yes. Yes I do."

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