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A Genuine Love

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3 months ago

Modern day kids are quite assertive, restless and daring. They have limitless questions about anything under the sun. They cannot contain their energy to the point that they can even disturb routine or alter order. They are willing to try just about everything they set their eyes and hearts on. Because of these qualities, they are prone to fall flat on their faces, hurt themselves, and make huge mistakes that at times can no longer be undone. It is imperative that parents keep close watch and call their attention when they go overboard or remind them when they show signs of misjudgement or misbehaviour.

Parents should perceive failures and disappointments as opportunities for their young ones to learn from experience, to rectify themselves, to become better, and to rise above constraints.

If parents, love children, they should not have any reservation in telling them that they are wrong and guide them on how to straighten their path. It is wiser to educate them while they are still teachable and to direct them while they are still within reach. The primary motivation to do this is the love for children in asserting discipline towards them.

Thank you for reading ❤️

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3 months ago

I wonder how many children you have or raised and what you mean by "modern day children".

I have very strong doubts about children being different now, 30, 100 or even longer ago. It might be a culture difference? 🤔

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3 months ago

I don't have one yet, but I have a nephews, nieces, and students that serves as my basis in writing this article. When we say modern-day children those children that tends to used gadgets and technology.

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3 months ago