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Previously, I met up with a friend that I haven't seen for four years in my article, "Meeting Up With A Friend After Four Years". It was a fun and an awesome moment to be with her again after a long time. Things got busier in our lives back then and since we don't have the same paths in our lives, we surely have parted ways after the graduation but now that things have settled down, we can meet again.

Last Saturday, I meet up with another friend again. We planned to have our ID Photos taken at the mall. We decide to meet up there since the weather was so hot and surely we doesn't want to meet up in a hotter place where we would bathe in our sweats. So surely, a mall would since even if brownouts will occur, they still have a generator to back up the electricity and continue the operations of their air conditioners.

Having said this, when we are preparing to go out, the clouds get gloomy. I'm afraid to get soaked when the rain falls, so I brought an umbrella with me and set out first before my friend. Earlier than that, she told me that we should set out together, so I would wait for her that long since she still have to drop off an order at her customer on the way. I surely thought that the rain would be falling soon, so I get out first.

I hopped into a jeepney and after 10 minutes, I'm already at a street near the mall. It's just a walking distance and I remember that I have a friend on the way, so I knocked on her home and check if she was there. Luckily, she was there, so we have another chitchat. If I would be permitted, it would be a never-ending chat again but I remember the friend that I'm going to meet up in the mall.

I bid goodbye to her and walked to the mall. When I enter, there was a band playing in the center. It is similar to musicians playing on the streets and they will open their guitar cover for tips from people. I went upstairs at the second floor and sit on the bench while waiting for her. I just entertain myself by listening to the band and sing every song that I know.

This is me while waiting. Imagine this, it's my face being taken for an ID photo. It looks like a strong wind blows my hair for that to be messy.

After a few minutes, she arrived. First thing I did was to hug her though I know that she doesn't like to be hugged. Then, we proceed to the shop. We fill out a form and pay, then we wait for our turn to be taken. When it was done, we were instructed to claim the photos after two hours.

We eat first and then have a lot of chitchats. We got immersed with it that we didn't know that two hours have already passed. Well, it can't be helped since we didn't have seen each other for four years also. We claimed the photos and went downstairs to have a little shopping at Watsons. Just some cosmetics since we're women, you know the thing already.

Surely in the next days, I'll be meeting few friends again. I just don't know who will be the next since I haven't contacted the others yet, just the two of them for now. Also, I don't have much money to spend when we are roaming around and it would embarassing to be treated by them. For some reason, I don't like to breat treated for free ever since I'm earning my own money. I don t why but it's kinda like, "I know how to earn, so I'll work for it.", kind of thing.

Anyways, thanks for reading!

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